Third Eye Comics Launch Battle Bonds Program

Third Eye Comics is one of the coolest shops on the East Coast. Their massive retail space in Annapolis Maryland (a comic shop and a game shop two doors down) is a pop culture destination. As you can imagine, the current pandemic has impacted their business, just as it has for many other stores. They have come up with a cool way to help the business that is a very cool solution to keep the shop going during the current climate

As you can imagine, as a small business (we know our shops are big, but we’re still an independent business with a tight crew, and no mega-corporations backing us), this time has been incredibly stressful.

All we want to do is to continue to do the thing that we love to do most: bring happiness through escapism & fun to the masses, but there’s a very real possibility that we may have to rapidly yet temporarily adjust how we do that.

Make no mistake: THIRD EYE IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE! We are open, following guidelines in terms of the amount of people in our stores, and offering tons of additional options to get you your goodies (read about those here).

But, we also plan to comply with any requests the CDC or our local state government might have in regards to helping contain COVID-19, and want to ensure we are prepared for any temporary limitations that may come.

We’re all working hard to do our part to help flatten the curve, while also trying to keep our incredible team together, until this crazy situation is through.

One of the ways that you can help us right this very second, while still respecting the need to limit exposure and trips out, are something new we came up with: Third Eye Battle-Bonds.

What’s a Third Eye BATTLE BOND and How Does it Work?

We’ve put together 5 different types of Eye-Bond, each one featuring a gift card that can be spent later at any of our locations or via mail-order, curb-side pick-up, or for delivery, along with several different perks (depending on the Eye-Bond), that you will be able to cash in later.

The best part of all this? We’ll mark the date that you purchased your BATTLE BOND, and then every 6 months, we’ll add an extra perk. 🙂

You can cash in your Battle-Bond anytime, as well!

Why Should I Get a Third Eye BATTLE BOND? Also: can I also still get normal gift cards without the BATTLE-BOND? Yes, you can, of course!

OK, so first off: please get gift cards – you don’t HAVE to get a BATTLE BOND if you don’t care for the perks, or want to do lower denominations for the gift cards, and you can order Third Eye Gift Cards the plain old fashioned way by going right here.

Buying gift cards is probably the most helpful thing you can do during something like this, as it’s something that will never go bad for you, and is valid whenever!

Why should you get an BATTLE BOND though? It’s basically buying a gift card, getting the gift card — and, then on top of that, getting a TON of sweet fun for free.

PLUS: we’ve created exclusive options for the different tiers; including a special t-shirt featuring the SUPPORT YOUR LCS art as shown above, invite-only events, and more!

And, finally, while we’ve never been ones to beg: this is a time when we could use your help, Third Eye Faithful. We never thought we’d face something like this, and every day, we’re working tirelessly to make sure we continue to provide you the Third Eye experience you know and love — while also being safe & conscious of the situation.

For most of us at Third Eye, this store has been a part of our lives for 10+ years, and for some, even longer. We don’t know anything else beyond making sure people get the toys, comics, and games they love.

More importantly: your purchase of BATTLE BONDS help us keep together our amazing crew, while we quickly adapt to the climate COVID-19 has created, which we have been working hard to do (we’ve already got mail-order in full swing for you, curbside pick-up, and many other options that you can read more about here to see how we’re handling COVID-19)

What will happen with my BATTLE BOND if the world ends, etc etc? OK, first off: it will literally take the world ending, like, literally (and trust us: we’ve been watching all the MAD MAX movies to prepare for this), to shut Third Eye down.

I can promise you: we will be selling you comics in some shape, some form, some way, no matter what happens.

And, hey, if that means we’re doing it while dodging post-apocalyptic raiders, well, trust me: we’re gonna do it. We’ve always come through for you, Third Eye Faithful, and we always will!

3 thoughts on “Third Eye Comics Launch Battle Bonds Program”

  1. lets all surport our local and national shops.lets all surport our favoritecreator and cost players it is crazysauce out there blind adam out
    p.s. be safe

  2. It’s a pretty cool idea. Goes beyond the standard “load up a gift card” approach.

    My personal guess is Diamond ships two more weeks of comics and then stops. Writing is on the wall that “stay home” orders will be nationwide shortly. And Diamond can’t justify calling in workers to process shipments once that happens. If they were shipping food or medical supplies or even building materials they could. But they ship comics. They’re gonna have to tell everyone to stay home. And with the California governor dropping the “next 8 weeks are critical” line in his speech announcing stay at home, you can bet no stores will see ANY new comics for at least 6 weeks, more likely 8.

    I expect every May shipping title to be canceled and pushed to June, June titles to July, etc. Because there’s no way stores can return after a 6-week layoff to find a 6x normal invoice. Better to treat those weeks as if they didn’t exist and just start up again with a week’s worth at a time.

    But, knowing Diamond’s inability to read the tea leaves (Free Comic Book May was an idea so horrible I can’t believe anyone could have ever approved it), they probably won’t come to these conclusions on their own until well after the government turns out the lights.

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