Batman #93 – Harley vs Punchline 3 Page Spoiler w/Dialogue Bubbles

And there you have it, Harley gets her throat cut! I’ve seen the rest of the issue and it doesn’t look promising or pretty! That initial cut doesn’t look so bad until you see the rest…

This is just a small bit of the issue (not colored like these pages). The rest of the issue has more surprises for The Designer, Catwoman, Batman and even the Joker.

Batman #93 is on FOC tomorrow March 23, 2020. It has 3 covers, after they added a 1:25 Designer design variant (TFAW sold out originally but seem to have more listed for $39.99) for it to match issue #92 Punchline ratio variant. You can still find the cover price books for Batman #92 for pre-order at TFAW and other shops.

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12 thoughts on “Batman #93 – Harley vs Punchline 3 Page Spoiler w/Dialogue Bubbles”

  1. Stop teasing us…if you’ve seen the rest of the issue, what happens to Harley? I can’t imagine DC would kill her off. Would they?

  2. Harley is assuming a lot of stuff here. She knows nothing about Punchline. Harley wanted to fix Joker but Punchline doesn’t.

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