Wednesday Open Forum Quarantine Edition


Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 280th edition of the open forum!

So, strange, strange times. Diamond has shut down, no new comics for a while. How are you guys making out. We want to hear from retailers, please plug your mail order or eBay pages (retailers). We want to help support you.

How are you guys making out during the shutdowns? We will be chugging along. Will need to refocus from talking about new books, but we are not going anywhere.

Did you know we have the forum up and running, you can check it out at the official CHU Forum site, go over and sign up.

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

31 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum Quarantine Edition”

  1. My LCS got their books Monday before our state shutdown so I will get them eventually. Filled in the gaps (non pull books) online.
    Not sure how things will be handled going forward as my shop is a smaller shop I’m hoping can survive. Will support them as best I can as I normally spend $100 a week.

    Any spoilers tonight like usual?

    1. I got some done. Working on others. I work for Social Services during the day and as you can imagine a lot of people are in crisis mode. That has made my days longer than usual.

  2. I think a good idea for the weekly forum going forward would be to have people chat about the books they are catching up on. Old reads, trades we are finally getting around to, re-reads, series we are plowing through, etc. It would be a way to keep comic talk alive and spur some good conversation.

      1. And to add on top of what Anthony said, Diamond isn’t shipping books right now but they’re still having retailers put in orders. So it’s business as usual for us here at CHU. We can still speculate, picks good reads, etc. Nothing stops here for the most part. The only thing that might is we won’t have big Tuesday spoiler posts for the next couple of weeks.

          1. I think I heard it is some character called the Wolf-Marine…..I think he and Hulk go off to fight the Vietcong or something.

    1. That sounds about right in these trying times. With all the challenges that so many are facing a break from reality to talk all things comics would be a welcome distraction. I teach High School in Canada and all schools are closed till possibly September. Miss the students and the interaction but health and safety first. So speaking of comics I have a question that hopefully someone in the community can help with. With all the focus on ratio variants I believe I may have found the only existing copy of a book. The book is a gold foiled stamped copy of Marvel Super Special #11 (1979)` signed by Stan Lee , John Buscema , Peter Ledger, Rudy Nebres and Doug Moench. In the guide it says only 25 copies were made and sent to certain distributors . My copy is VF . When I talked to another dealer he said they no longer exist. Does anyone out there have a copy and have any idea of what it may be worth other then what the guide says. I paid 40.00 for it 5 years ago. Very cool book to have in my collection! Take care everyone and be safe!

  3. I was fortunate to get this week’s books on Monday night. My LCS called me to let me know they would be available for a brief selling period. I managed to get the following…

    – Batman Beyond B
    – Batman Curse of White Knighf B
    – Detective A
    – Flash A
    – JL Dark B
    – Legion of SH B
    – Red Hood A
    – Suicide Squad A
    – Supergirl A
    – Wonder Woman A
    – Amazing Spidey A
    – Hellions A
    – Immortal Hulk (Bennett variant)
    – Ravencroft A
    – Revenge of Cosmic Ghost Rider B
    – Star Wars Bounty Hunters A x2 and 1:25
    – Tarot B
    – Wolverine 1:25 x2
    – X-Men/FF (Brooks variant)
    – X-Men
    – Once & Future (Thank you variant)

    My LCS did not have any shelf copies of the Ravencroft 1:25 variant as the few they got were spoken for. I was thinking of getting the Hellions 1:50 variant but it was too pricey at $40. And my LCS neglected to order Far Sector cvr B’s, so I will search for that one later.

    My LCS (a local chain) was planning to close today at our governor’s request. My backup LCS (another local chain) closed last week. Unique & scary times. I’m glad to be up-to-date on books before the Diamond shutdown. I feel bad for those fans who didn’t have access last week and/or this week to new arrivals and the comic shops that couldn’t get them or be open to sell them. I hope fans and shops are able to ride out the economic situation. I will miss the Wed. routine but hope to actually get some reading done. Good health to everyone.

  4. My LCS is closed indefinitely.
    But I found a store open. I don’t think they gpt/put out everything?
    I did get the FOC covers for Once and Future and Folklords. I found the connecting cover for Spiderverse. I only need one more for all eight.
    Biggest buy was the Stray Bullets compendium for half off.

    1. It’s sad to read that one of your LCS’ closed indefinitely. I’m experiencing the same, where one of my LCS’ is closed permanently, and is moving to eBay only.

    2. What do you think of Stray Bullets? The original series is one of my all time favorites. Then ol’ Lapham went so far off the reservation, it’s unreadable now. Great storyteller, but possibly the laziest work ethic in all of comics (he quit twice with one issue left in the tank).

      1. I still read stray Bullets. That and strangers in paradise were two of my favorite go to Indy series. For a good while anyway. I still read it like I said because a lot still takes place in Baltimore. That first issue of the original series with them going to see Star Wars reminded me of being a kid.

  5. I absolutely love the idea of reviewing older comics. Would be great if everyone participated, and individuals reviewed a select list of comic(s) based on a set criteria, and we could discuss in the forums.

  6. Diamond announced that ALL product in the March previews will be eligible for order adjustments at a future date. Statues, T-shirts, all of it.

    Marvel announced free “1-per-store” variants for all issues of Empyre.

    Image, Dark Horse, IDW, Boom are all returnable for the next couple months.

    At this point pretty much every publisher except DC has weighed in. Marvel increased discounts, pretty much all the other publishers have said things will be returnable. DC has been radio silent (unless I have missed it).

  7. Marvel’s weekly email this week mentioned they extended Diamond’s payments terms to Marvel (allowing Diamond more time to pay Marvel), which would allow Diamond to extend payment terms to its customers.

    An hour later a “revised” email went out saying that there were errors in the previous email. Only paragraph missing is that one.

  8. Does anyone know if publishers will be allowed to just skip the middle man, aka Diamond, and sell new books on Wednesdays on their own sites?

  9. The publishers aren’t even doing FOC adjustments anymore. I would assume the printing process is being shut down for the time being.

    This weeks (Monday’s) FOC is empty.

    Since FOC determines print runs, the assumption to be made is that no books are currently being printed starting next week.

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