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In the midst of everything going on in the world, we here at ComicsHeatingUp.Net (CHU) are trying to assist LCS that have an eBay presence. We encourage Comic Shop Owners to reach out to us!  CHU would like to assist you by doing a feature of your eBay store on this page. As quick disclaimer, we are in no way employed, affiliated, nor are we receiving any goods or monetary compensation from any of the store we will feature. We hope that both sellers and buyers, are taking proper sanitary precautions in order to help stop the spread of COVID-19. We THANK YOU immensely for supporting brick and mortar stores during this time. We can all be SUPERHEROES when we pull together.

This past March 1st, the comic store “Cloud 9, located at 2621 SE Clinton St., Portland, Oregon, celebrated its fifth year in business. This is quite a milestone considering that there is over 12 different comic stores in the city with the population of about 647,000+ (2017) people. The owner, Ken Dyber, has maintained his operation for 12 years .  Despite the small store size (650 feet of retail space) on 2621 SE Clinton St., this store has a strong heart in a well known comic community. They often host 2 store-wide sales with free food and drinks! In addition, there are holiday parties in which they show movies. Also, Flash sales are always randomly occurring as well as Free Comic Book Day, Labor Day and Black Friday sales (contact the store for details). Every so often the local creators such  as Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick will make an appearance to give autographs and/or CGC signature series signings. Across the street from the comic book store sits a movie theater. From time to time, Dyber will rent it and show classics like Firefly and Spaceballs thereby keeping a healthy pop culture ambiance. While his store might be the new kid on the block and mainly focus on selling back issues, the staff is starting to take the time to learn the new tricks of the trade with modern issues.

As I was doing research, I learned that the Cloud9 store website (http://www.cloudninecomics.com) is a fully functioning  e-commerce site. It features a shopping cart, search engine, scanned book images, and possible grading notes. The site also takes its navigation one step further. You can optimize your search via genre, time era, price, and even publisher. While the physical store is temporarily closed, currently EVERYTHING on the web site is still ON SALE. They also have a corner spot on eBay featuring hundreds of $2.99 starting no reserve auctions. I was pretty impressed at the selection and effort they are to putting forth.  They offer free delivery to anyone within one mile of the store, curbside pick up, and also do suggestive shopping. Basically, you give them a budget or idea of what you are looking for, and Dybar goes and picks some titles out for you.  The result is often an unexpected surprise that leads to a discovery of new creators.  Much like a mystery grab bag, this option is an exciting gamble and a great way to expand one’s personal horizons. Want to take a chance?

Cloud 9 Store Web Site: https://www.cloudninecomics.com

eBay Page: https://www.ebay.com/str/cloudninecomics

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/cloudninecomics

On a last note, I want to thank Kelly Blacksmith for taking the time to assist with my articles. When available, she has proofread and fact checked the information that has been provided to me. Thank you KELLY.

If you are a brick and mortar local comic shop owner with an eBay presence, please email me at Cruzzer2  (at) yahoo (dot) com so we can get your store featured here.

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  1. This is a good store near me, within walking distance of where I work. I picked up a raw Strangers in Paradise 1 here. It was labeled an 8.5 as a raw book. I had it signed, pressed, and slabbed and it came back a 9.0. The owner is a good guy and is knowledgeable. Usually, I browse books from the website and then go pick them up from the store.

  2. #awesomesauce will check the website out blind adam out and cruzer this was a amazing peace keep upthe amazing work blind adam out

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