Wednesday Open Forum Quarantine Edition


Wednesday, (used to be) the best day of the week, new comic book day.

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 281st edition of the open forum!

We missed last week for the first time in 281 weeks…..

Still almost everything is closed down. They are recommending not to even go to the grocery stores or pharmacy for the next two weeks. Just be safe!

How are you guys making out during the shutdowns?

We are still chugging along. Any news that comes out we are still reporting.

Did you know we have the forum up and running, you can check it out at the official CHU Forum site, go over and sign up.

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

30 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum Quarantine Edition”

    1. actually a lot of comics have been selling and I have been listing stuff myself, things I got at really good close out prices, that have been moving well.

    2. I think in the current situation, there are a lot of comic readers who are likely being more conscious of what they’re spending their money on and or aren’t working now if they work jobs that are not a necessity or essential business. So, probably not broke per se, just taking different priorities, priorities that matter more.

    3. I have to say – I’ve seen things moving. I sold a comic I had listed for a year, and got an offer on another. I’m in the market for an ASM 300 cgc 9.8, and the prices have not dropped. I’m ready to sell! Especialy with CoVid checks coming for people. There’s a lot of collectors out there who are going to get that money and turn around and plow it into comics (myself included). Plus, there’s others (again, myself included) who are taking the money they were spending at their LCBSs every week and putting it into back issues…

  1. Back issue pickups:
    Star Wars Tag & Bink Are Dead #1 & 2
    Star Wars The Clone Wars #1-6
    all in NM condition for $60 shipped from the U.K.!

  2. I’ve noticed people listing books on ebay, books I’ve been looking for for awhile now that rarely come up at a reasonable price as people dig through their collection to sell. I recently picked up an I, Lusiphur #3 (400 copy print run?) for more than half off.

    I also got the Diamond Select Black Hole Vincent and Old Bob figures in the mail today.

    Bought three bottles of rum to fill in what I’ve been using lately. I finished a bottle of amaretto making my wife amaretto sours.

    CLZ says I’m up to 2,282 books input.

  3. I thought about what book I will buy with the tax return thats two months late and stimulus check when they actually show up. Illusions of grandeur for sure lol

    1. I’m the same I got the good ol ID audit 5 weeks ago told me to be patient and gave me 6-9 weeks to wait . And I’m a supervisor at walmart so yeah loving my life a day at a time .

  4. I lusipher is an amazing series and very underrated. I’m always looking for those. Also on the lobdell thing I messaged him and also asked if I sent him dvd covers to death day 1 and 2 would he sign them for my daughter who is a huge fan.

    1. After what I’ve recently picked up, I’m down to 3 issues left to complete my I,Lusiphur/Poison Elves Vol. 1 & 2 runs. I’ve seen quite a few Vol. 1 #1-3 being posted, coming out of the woodworks. Again, #3 has always been the hardest to find at a decent price with the low print run. I also recently saw original cover art on sale. I missed out on picking it up by $150. It is a shame Drew Hayes passed away so young. It is my favorite series next to Sandman and Strangers in Paradise.

        1. #2 seems to be the easiest to find. I have a #2 signed. Based on my research, #1 & #2 had a print run of over 1000, #3 is always listed as a low print run but I cannot find it, #4 & 5 Drew stated had print runs of 850 & 400. I can’t find info more than that. I asked Robb Horan via email who stated he used to have a record of the print run but can’t locate it at this time. Really nice guy per my interactions with him.

  5. I was checking out the Marvel database of characters and one of the top 6 trending characters on the list is Illyana Rasputin/Magik, who will appear in the upcoming New Mutants movie. So after a little bit of research I came across the 1st appearances of her:

    1st appearance as a child: 1975 Giant-Size X-men
    1st appearance as an adolescent/adult: 1982 (Uncanny) X-Men #160
    Origin of Illyana Rasputin: 1983 Storm and Illyana Magik #1
    Illyana Rasputin joins The New Mutants: 1984 New Mutants #14

    Since a high grade copy of the true first appearance of Illyana Rasputin in Giant-Size X-men is thousands of dollars (because it includes the 1st appearance of many other key X-men characters and the 2nd appearance of Wolverine), I decided to go a cheaper route and make a small investment in a few high grade raw copies of X-men #160, and a few high grade raw copies of the whole Storm and Illyana: Magik mini-series. Hopefully my investment pays off…

  6. I haven’t been listing much since I’m working more now than before the pandemic. I have been still selling though. Several things that have been listed for months or years are moving. Been accepting many offers. Going to make that big purchase as well after just selling a NM Witcher #1 I forgot I had that I posted a couple weeks ago.

      1. Sold for $75 plus shipping. Really great copy. I thought I had sold all mine so it was a nice surprise to find it when I was organizing. Just turned that into a 9.6 Wolverine #1 (mini series) I have always wanted. Found a five of those Witcher #1’s for cover or less a couple years back at different shops. They have turned into Wolverine 1, Hulk 102, and Swamp Thing 1 slabs.

  7. Since more people are staying home, they are bored and shopping more online. In a recession, people still need to buy necessarities but might spend less on luxuries?

    1. Oh for sure. Some people are seeing a total shut down or reduced work hours right now. I am fortunate that my job and my wife’s job are both still up and running, just working from home. Being on lockdown is a funny thing. We bought a new lawn mower. We have ordered everything we need online. Except toilet paper which is no where to be found.

      1. Let me know when you need some TP.. I’ll give you the very special price of 25 cents per square sheet… 😉

        You’ll make every wipe truly count! 😛

  8. I started looking at the free comics on Marvel Unlimited and they have UXM 129-137 on there. I really like the “smart panels” when reading on a mobile device. I didn’t start reading comics until 15 years after these issues came out and haven’t really had a way to read them without buying a tpb (I prefer floppies) so this was the first time I got to see them cover-to-cover (minus ads).

  9. picked up a batman who laughs #1 with a kevin conroy autograph and kevin quoted the batman who laughs.also scored a venom #3 signed by cates looking on ebay for the kevin smith hight imes magazine &the wizard used in jay and silent bob strikes back.looking at buying a holy graile and when I do I will ceabrate with a little taste of the bubbley #testify blind adam out

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