Lockdown Reading List for Tuesday April 7th, 2020 – Planet Hulk

It’s day 12 of my own lock down reading challenge, to read books that have been on the ever growing read list.

I took the night off last night (I broke the reading streak but I was tired from a long day working). Tonight it’s back on and I’m continuing to catch up on some saved reading out of my Marvel Unlimited account I’ve been intending to read for quite some time.

So tonight, I’m reading Planet Hulk which started in The Incredible Hulk #92 back in 2006 and ran for around 15 issues (core story line).

Planet Hulk ran from issue #92 through #105 and then was in the Giant Sized Hulk #1 as well.

So am I in for a treat for people who have read this event? How does it stack up against the latest Immortal Hulk story line? Tell me in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Lockdown Reading List for Tuesday April 7th, 2020 – Planet Hulk”

  1. I personally think it (and most everything) is better than Immortal Hulk. I zoned out when in the first issue, Bruce Banner is killed by a roving gang of MAGA rednecks, which of course as we know are the majority of all gangs. The writer seems to infuse every issue with his weird SJW leanings. And the artist has haunted my dreams ever since he kept drawing bad fill-in issues of Spider-Man in the ’90s.

    Of course, don’t bring this up on Bleeding Cool, where they’re all SJWs, and they all love him because he’s British. Anyway, my two cents. I liked Jenkins’ run and even Bruce Jones run okay. Peter David was fine except for all the excessive pop culture references he threw in.

  2. The Planet Hulk arc is one of my favourites from modern times. What a great concept and execution. I have also enjoyed the wasteland titles that have followed since. I love the wastelands stories.

    1. Sh!t, pardon me. I had OML and Planet Hulk mixed up, above. Planet Hulk is awesome….and so is the OML/wasteland world. 🤷‍♂️

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