Silver Surfer Black #1 2nd Printing – A Comic Heating Up

Let’s go back to our roots here at CHU and point out actual comics that are currently heating up. Might be a little late on the game for this one but since people are gobbling up Knull appearances, this one seems suitable for it’s own mention.

Thanks to D-Rog for pointing this one out in the comments.

Silver Surfer Black #1 2nd Print is about a $50 book right now.

Seems people are gobbling up Knull appearances, particularly cover appearances as the Venom issues that are additional printings have seen some love on the secondary market as well more recently.

If you got’em and got’em cheap, now’s a good time to sell. Until this guy makes it to the MCU or movies, could be a roller coaster ride.

19 thoughts on “Silver Surfer Black #1 2nd Printing – A Comic Heating Up”

  1. This one was tough to find in high grade. My copy has spine ticks all over…definitely won’t get $50 for it, but we’ll see…it’s tough parting with comics you like…but I suppose I have a minty copy of the 1st print and there wasn’t anything special in terms of a 1st appearance so don’t see this value holding up over time.

    1. The other odd thing about this book which makes its print run so low is that it came out the week following the 1st printing…and I’m not even sure the 1st printing had sold out at diamond….very strange set of circumstances…

      1. That and the print run was likely super small. So, supply vs demand = valuable. 😉

        Could be a factor of no new books, people are buying just to buy things, creating new demand for books that have some appeal to them.

  2. Right now Knull is hotter than Spider-Gwen and Miles Morales combined!… Maybe it turns out he is their father? Nah, that would be too ridiculous! We’ll let Bleeding Stool and We Got this Covered fight over that “rumor”.

    1. I don’t think it’s heating up due to Deodato doing the cover.. but yes, his cover art is much better than the interior artist for this title. 🙂

  3. If there isn’t any Knull movie news soon (if ever) I’m sure his keys will cool off but so many of them are low printed second and third printings. I’m curious to see i those prices are affected much since I would think most are now in personal collections.

  4. I do remember this being a scarce book in my area. I only saw one copy the day it came out and passed on it because of the condition. To my surprise I found another copy in nice shape the following week and grabbed it quickly. Never saw any more.

  5. The other book that is selling extremely high right now is Peach Momoko Silver Surfur Black 1:25 variant.

    I sold mine last week for $50 and I was stoked, until I saw the last two of sell for $149 and $169!

    With people stuck at home, the market is going nuts right now.

      1. Bored and the need to buy things I suppose. I’m loving quarantine.. I’m not buying anything (started selling stuff this past week), saving so much money. I haven’t had to fill up my gas tank in the car since the first week of March and I think have only driven a total of around 20 miles since then.

        1. Yeah, I’m almost tempted to buy more comics online because I haven’t been spending it at shops or on gas, or Dunkin’ Donuts or lunch….

          So far have resisted…

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