Wednesday Open Forum Quarantine Edition


Wednesday, (used to be) the best day of the week, new comic book day.

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 286th edition (and the 5th quarantine edition) of the open forum!


Lot’s of TV and Movie options have been happening, we just mention Sweet Tooth, which properties are you most looking forward to?

Did you know we have the forum up and running, you can check it out at the official CHU Forum site, go over and sign up.

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

28 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum Quarantine Edition”

  1. I picked up a lot of back issues.

    Swamp Thing #50
    Nova # 4 (battles Thor) 12 (battles Spider-Man), 22
    Marvel Premiere #57 (Doctor Who)
    Fantastic Four #286
    Amazing Spider-Man #345, 360
    Groo – many back issues

    1. Other notables include:

      Batman #608, 617
      New Avengers #23
      Nailbiter #1-19 (thanks Anthony for the tip)

  2. This weeks pickups……….
    Action Comics #252 1st Supergirl CGC 4.5
    All Star Western #10 1st Jonah Hex
    Flash #110 CGC 3.5 1st Kid Flash
    Silver Surfer #3 CGC 5.5 1st Mephisto
    Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes #23 Hughes CBCS 9.6
    Lot of deals out there to be had with a good amount focused elsewhere like Star Wars books and the slew of Indy book options.

  3. I’ve been selling a bunch in eBay and used the funds to order from an online shop that had an insane sale. One major key (imo) is showcase 37, 1st Metal Men. Got 3 more packages yesterday full of books that I have yet to open and I’m not sure what’s in them since I ordered so much… so that’s my NCBD lol

  4. I havent been buying much. I did pulled the trigger on the Nova #1

    I have been listing couple of my books on eBay with $2 starting bid. Some sold for just over $2 lol.

    I also listed my Batman Advantures #12 cgc 7.5 and so far it’s doing ok.

    I guess I don’t have luck selling books like some of you guys do. For some reason if I put them on BIN, they are there for months and if I put them on Auction, they don’t sell well lol.

    I need more selling tips…

    1. Auctions tend to only work on currently hot books or major keys. Otherwise, I’d do BIN. Look at either ended recently sold prices or sort by lowest price and then go around that area, perhaps a small % higher in price. Remember to price with both cost and shipping added together.

      Lots of clear pictures are key. Even if the book has flaws, if someone knows up front, they are more likely to buy than taking a chance on some blurry pic. And make sure to take the book out of the bag.

    2. Don’t worry, it happens. I’ve had books I’ve held too long, thinking, sure, someone’s gonna buy this for cover or over and it ends up at 99 cents or $2 auction. Heck, once I was able to nab most of the DC Convergence ratio variants at cover in which I should have flipped immediately. I held for too long. At one point I had most of them starting at 99 cent auctions and still couldn’t sell them. Almost like I’d have to pay someone to take them out of my hands…

      1. That’s how I feel right now. It hurts a little to sell a book for lower then what I got it for. But something is better then nothing.

        1. Yeah, I use to feel the same way but then I also think to myself, if I read them and enjoyed them, I got my money out of them as entertainment. What really stings is the books you know will never be worth more than cover and listing them on eBay is just not worth the hassle. But then you drop a good 100-150 books to just get out of the way at Half Price Books to get your $20-$30 for them all..

    3. Also remember a lot of the auction action happens at/near the end of the auction. I looked at your listing and it is just under $100 off the highest price for the same book in the same grade. You might end up doing ok with it.

  5. In terms of pick ups, I’ve been trying to fill in gaps on series that I’ve wanted to finish up for awhile. There are some great deals out there if you have the time (which I have as I’m working from home now for the 8th week).

    Pick ups:
    Saga of Swamp Thing 30, 34, 36 in NM (Alan Moore issues)
    Swamp Thing #23 (1976) NM+ 2nd to last issue
    Crow #3 (Caliber) 1st print NM
    Doctor Aphra #1 (2017) 1:100 variant

    Good hunting everyone.

  6. Still buying cheap ratio variants that I want for the PC. Most have been well below ratio. Best deal so far was a Venom #3 1:25. Didn’t pay below ratio on it but after shipping it still came out to right around double. For that book, that is a deal! Pressed it and I would have to say an easy 9.4. Mostly been buying Venom or Immortal Hulk ratio’s. I was also buying Venom books I needed and picked up a bunch of Knull stuff before his other early appearances exploded. That guy is on fire!

    1. It’s funny because I have been selling like crazy. And not only “discounted” stuff. My spec listings do not last especially once announcements are made. It’s been a two good month run on comic sales.

  7. just picked up books from my comic shop. batman#307 Whitman,daredevil s#63-64 sexy timesfor black widow ,oni double featue #12 scareface photo cover and a few odds and ends .also picking up venom books a madman &rick and morty stuff .just bought a ring light and am about to up my game with videos&podcasting plus I interviewed ginger lynn allen.devils rejects American pie band camp nypd blue she was #awesomesauce.and the interview will be up on my sound cloud asap.still not sleeping well love you guys and thanks for all the friendship,advice,love and surport talk to ya soon blind adam out

  8. Anyone heard that most of the stuff for 5/20 release didn’t make it to Diamond on time? My LCS said at least half of it won’t actually be on their shelves till 5/27.
    I guess two months wasn’t enough time to get books that were already printed to Diamond

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