It Eats What Feeds It #1 – Advanced Sneak Peek Preview

Scout Comics apparently was busy during this lockdown, still pumping out a lot of new titles that really have grabbed my attention.

It Eats What Feeds it is one of those new titles hitting shelves in June and here’s a sneak peek preview. I dove into this title with zero anticipation and ended up really enjoying it, being an advanced review copy of the entire 3 issue mini-series. I really enjoyed the interior artwork as well.

I’ll try and get a better review up soon but enjoy the sneak peek preview below.

It Eats What Feeds It #1

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4 thoughts on “It Eats What Feeds It #1 – Advanced Sneak Peek Preview”

  1. Looks decent. Storyline should have twist as seems fairly linear with this setup. I’ll see about picking it up .

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