Murder Hobo #1 – Scout Comics Advanced Sneak Peek Preview

This is a new title I’m looking forward to, partially due to the fact of the name. I mean, Murder Hobo? Who wouldn’t take a second look at a catchy title like that?

I’ll admit, this was a fun and entertaining read. The artwork reminds me of the style used in the kids show Gravity Falls but it’s definitely not for the kiddo’s. I’m not even sure if I’m mature enough to really handle this one.

Here’s the solicitation and then your sneak peek..

In the Lands of High Adventure, brave bands of heroes undertake dangerous quests in search of fame and fortune. The exploits of these fearless explorers, who dare delve into the deepest of dungeons, will be sung about by the bards for eons. This is not their story. No, this is a tale of what happens when well-intentioned groups of would-be adventurers recruit the wrong kind of ‘hero,’ the dreaded Murder Hobo. Selfish assassins who thrive on illicit acts and unprovoked bursts of violence, these agents of chaos can foil even the best-laid plans. Follow the exploits of Drunk-o and Nymph-o, a pair of Murder Hobos with different methods, but the same goal: to keep all the loot for themselves.

Murder Hobo Beaten Broken Buggered #1 (Cover A - Lynch)

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