Wednesday Open Forum Quarantine Edition


Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day.

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 287th edition (and the 6th quarantine edition) of the open forum!


New comics are ramping up with even more new releases this week. Let us know what you are picking up.

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As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

54 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum Quarantine Edition”

  1. Picked up a Tales to Astonish #27 1st Antman CGC 2.5 that’s about going to be all I can afford for a few weeks.😁

    1. An Aew exact replica championship belt with the real size plates and leather embossed belt from Pakistan for my 9yo daughter too engraved with her name

      1. She is the smartest 2nd grader going on third now in her school and probably the state. So she wanted the belt for when she’s on zoom with her enrichment class. That and she’s a big Cody Rhodes and Sammy Guevara fan.

  2. Ruby Rose just quit Batwoman two days after the first season finale. CW will recast. Sad I thought she was great.

      1. They are suppose to introduce the CW Batman in season 2 of the show so wonder how this will effect their plans.

  3. I went to comic book store today for the first time since March 17.  I stopped by my main shop just to see if they were open (in my area, today is the first day stores were allowed to open).  I ended up going to three shops, and one shop had two long boxes of newly priced books from a collection that had come in, consisting of late eighties early nineties stuff.  I picked up a few books at some good prices.  All the books were NMish, and we’re nicely priced.  I got two IH449s, a XMen Annual #14, a set of Storm & Illyana #1-#4, and some FF Heralds spec books. It felt good to get out there and dig through some boxes.

  4. Mail call: Gen 13 Bootleg #18 Bruce Timm variant and the Covid variant cover of Five Years #10.

    Ordered a hardcover copy of The Big Tease by Bruce Timm from Flesk Publications since they placed the preorder on sale.

    Picked up a bunch of supplies from my lcs to help them out. Magazine bags and boards and top loaders to protect the I, Lusiphur books I recently picked up.

    I haven’t bought Magic cards in a while, but I picked up a prerelease kit for the latest set that came out this week with Godzilla cards in it. Didn’t get a single Godzilla card but did get a copy of the card with the highest resale value.

    1. I have been getting bags and boards 1000 at a time and have burned through 2,700 in the past month. Brought in 13 long boxes of comics. Have been going through and bagging and boarding and it’s been nuts. I have 7k tracked in comicbookrealm now. Now to get the other 30,000 in. Thinking of doing a Facebook live sale for a bunch of dupes and trips. Did find a low grade ASM 194 in there as well. Plus first Rhino. Seriously need to slim down some of the books.

    2. It was really good to sell off the mtg collection before they started doing stuff like “Godzilla” cards and 50 different formats. What really sucks for MTG collectors is you can buy a card printer and blue center card stock from Amazon for $200 and print undetectable fakes since they didn’t put much if any counterfeit measures in their cards for the first 20 years they released sets. The day is coming that MTG will tank harder then sports cards in the late 90s early 00s.

      1. Undetectable fake Michael Jordan rookies is what put the last nail in the coffin for the sports card market, doesn’t matter if you buy graded one or not. They still sell for about $1000 especially with the popularity of the documentary but far from the $10,000 a Jordan rookie would go for in 92 and that’s because you really don’t know what your buying. Home printer technology is way more advanced than anyone foresaw when they were starting printing trading cards at least old stuff from the 60s it’s hard to fake because the paper they used is hard to find and be as aged but that’s the only reason why.

        1. Whoever put that final nail in the sports card market better get their claw hammer out and pull that nail. Sports cards seem to have heated up over the covid apocalypse. Record sales were recorded across the board. Even the Ken Griffey ’89 UD RC has doubled in value over the course of The Last Dance. 🤷‍♂️

        2. I’ve never heard of this. You’re saying that there are copies graded by BGS and PSA that are fakes? Is there an article about it?

            1. That forum link, Alana, does not jive with what you said. You said that there are undetectable MJ rookie cards. In the link you posted, one guy points out how to detect the fakes. He mentions color variations, different fonts, blurry photos on the card and muddled colour transitions, along with extra lines on the back of the card around the stats lines. Of course there are fakes out there. You can get a counterfeit anything, practically. But rarely do the counterfeits ruin the value of the real thing, imo.

              1. The thread is about a bgs graded fake Jordan rookie the old eBay listing isn’t available to view anymore from 2017. it was sold on eBay as a real graded card the case wasn’t tampered with or re glued it went through the graders and was graded that way. They didn’t catch the fake when they graded it, that’s suppose to be the whole point of having something authenticated. So if the graders are missing fakes your graded cards might as well be loose. There’s tons of articles out there, here’s one about a fake PSA Jordan.

                1. You got to understand the printer technology from anything before 2000 can be easily replicated at home. If not there most cards get printed in China like Magic cards and sports cards, do you think they turn the printing presses off after they have fulfilled their accounts and no ones looking. They can print a 1000 sheets of a1000 black lotus on each sheet in an hour with the machines that originally probably made the old or current cards. That’s why foil, hologram, refractors; signed cards, pieces of courts or jerseys or stadiums or floors put into cards came about in the late 90s to make counterfeit measures. Mtg. never thought their cards would be worth anything when they started so took them a lot longer to wise up and at least add a hologram which doesn’t sent even really matter just need to buy a different printer for the hologram.

                2. MTG foils you can just scratch the front of the card off and with a special printer you can print whatever High dollar foil card you want on the front then it’s still on a real card as long as the dpi and image quality match you’ll never tell.

                3. Even the American currency has changed multiple times it the last 20 years to fight counterfeits to big heads, then big heads with color, then big heads with color and a strip. The governments of the world haven’t been able to solve the problems with counterfeit money since coins were being made the sports card industry can’t fix the past they can try and prevent those mistakes from happening in the future that’s about it, and old cards are part of that past.

      2. I was into MTG around the Dark and picked it up again for a short while when my daughter was interested in casually playing. Again, I don’t know much, but it looks like it is moving online like everything else, moving away from physical media.

        Back to comics, I saw a post where someone asked what grails are still on your list to get. Thinking about it, I realized I had most of my grails: Love and Rockets 1 B&W, HOS 92, Strangers in Paradise 1, Genus 2 & 4, Sandman 1 & 8, I Lusiphur 3, Warrior Magazine 1, etc. I guess the only grails left on my list are a Cerebus 1 and a Bone 1.

        1. Those are achievable I’m down to Showcase #4, #22, Amazing Fantasy #15, Hulk #1, Journey #83, #85 and I could retire from Silver age on up to moderns as of today. Then I’ll move to Golden age and really pricey modern variants then realize I can’t afford anything and be done.

        2. I would like to pick up ASM 129 finally and X-Men 94. After that, I suppose I have most of my grails, besides a few scattered modern comics the only things left I sort of want are the Marvel 1968 “Big Premiere” issues, but I’m wondering if it might be better to not try to get them at all lest I end up needing to buy the whole set.

  5. Don’t buy Monopoly Stars Wars The Child from
    They are trying to sell for 29.99. Everywhere else is 19.99. Having said that , could be some flip potential or long term investment potential.

    Take care now, bye bye then.

      1. Fall you must not into the dark side of Disney merchandising. You’ll all lose your shit again for baby Boba and have to buy Monopoly for the 27th time in your life.

        1. I was gonna mention something like that as well. How many different themed Monopoly sets should one have before they should stop buying them? I think we have 2 in our house and if anyone ever points out a cool themed set at the store, I remind them we have 2 already and nobody hardly ever plays them.

    This is some news that I ran into, about a week, ago.
    Other than grabbing a couple of copies, it’s been Stargirl firsts (I heard that the show is really tight), and Star Wars firsts (Cad Bane was so awesome in Clone Wars!!).
    Oh, yeah, definitely grabbed a cheaper copy of TMNT Adventures #1. The whole set would be better, though, and there’s only three.
    It’s really awesome that comics are back.
    Stay safe, yall!!

  7. It’s weird being open again after being closed for so long. Foot traffic still less than half normal but the average ticket is way up. And selling a lot more wall books than normal. The casual $20 customers are mostly still staying away. But I’ve had several customers tell me they’ve never made as much money as they are right now. Guy who had been filling his Spawn run at $30 a week the last year came in and dropped $800 on a pile of them.

    I figure the lockdown cost me $30k out of pocket, and had I been within a couple years of retirement I would have considered shutting the doors and walking away rather than eat that. But I’ve got a couple more decades in me.

      1. I work for the state and with the shut down affecting our office, I am teleworking and have overtime out the rear. Not to mention my eBay sales have been way up. (Did have two non-paying buyers this week which I haven’t had in forever.)

        1. I also got a non payment buyer. I send him invoice, waited 4 days and nothing. I am going to message him to tell him the order is cancelled.

            1. Start the non-payment. If you cancel on them, they can still leave feedback. If you start the non-payer, yes, it sucks that it gives them like another 7 days to pay but if they don’t, it closes their opportunity of leaving feedback.

  8. My LCS got 0 of the Year Zero #1 book. I’ll be calling some shops tomorrow since it was one of those books that I looked forward to reading.

    1. We didn’t get any either. Shows as unfilled on Diamond’s website. I assume we will get our 16 copies eventually.

  9. Man, DC feels like it’s being run by toddlers who just drank an espresso.


    Please note that the following titles will conclude their periodical run in digital release, with print collections to follow:

    The Terrifics will end its print publication with issue #27, on sale May 26. Issues #28-#30 will be released digitally, followed by a print collection of the series’ final arc.

    Supergirl ended its print publication with issue #40, released on March 25. Issues #41 and #42 will be released digitally, followed by a print collection of the series’ final arc.”

    1. There are 200 titles in diamond that has been canceled. Some will be resolicited others will never see print. I have a story coming up later today about it

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