Variant Picks of the Week for June 3rd, 2020

Where’s all the books at this week? Did Diamond shutdown again and didn’t tell anyone? Seriously, it’s mostly just DC and Image books making their way to our retailers.

Well, regardless of the amount of books, here’s the few select variants that made the list. But first things first, I just want to mention that this post marks my own 365 straight day posting on CHU. I’m gonna take an extra 15 minute break today (sshhh…  don’t tell Anthony) to congratulate and pat myself on the back on keeping you people entertained daily with my nonsense..

First up is Detective Comics #1022 Lee Bermejo Variant. Can’t go wrong with Bermejo’s artwork. Seemed like a really cool guy the one time I met him at Mondo Con a few years back. I didn’t even realize he was going to be there and had wished I prepared with more books of his to adorn with his scribbled name on them.

This Detective Comics issue could come as a surprise book too, being a Joker War Tie-In. Maybe some of those hot new characters make an appearance.

I don’t read Shazam but I really dig some of the covers that come out of it. This one from Ken Lashley is just pure comic cover if you ask me. If that’s a good way to describe it. This one is SHAZAM #12 Cover B.

Wonder Woman can be that character most creators and artists can do so many great things with. This one coming out this week from Mikel Janin is pretty slick. Although, I wish the background was a tad bit lighter or darker, maybe more of a different color to make Wonder Woman pop more on the cover. But beggars can’t be choosers right? This is Wonder Woman #756 Variant B cover.

This last cover just cracks me up. I just think to myself, how would kids survive in the zombie apocalypse? This cover truly details I think how most kids, the survivors would handle the situation. I could totally see them using their sports gear while one is off to the side recording them slashing and killing zombies.

Kidz #3 Calou Rze Variant makes the cut this week for just giving me a chuckle.

That’s it for this week, a very small and light week for not only variants but books in general.

5 thoughts on “Variant Picks of the Week for June 3rd, 2020”

      1. If so. That book or title doesn’t actually come out until next week. Yes, retailers got their 1 per store variant this week. I like Paul Pope but this cover is not his best work. It’s also a new volume of an existing story/title. Most people (retailers who got a copy) will try to dump this at $20 or more to start off.. so, that’s a few reasons it didn’t make the Variants cut for me and didn’t get mentioned. This one per store variant only benefits retailers. There is no spec with this book and it definitely isn’t getting picked cause the cover art is amazing.

    1. So… Unless I’m a retailer who got it for free or got a retailer to sell it for cover price… Not much spec if people are buying at $20. And yes, its selling for more than what I have listed because the number of books are pretty limited this week.

      The Variants Picks aren’t all based on potential spec either.

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