Wednesday Open Forum


Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day.

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 289th edition (and the 7th quarantine edition) of the open forum!


As stores and more reopen, how are you feeling about the idea of less social distancing? Are you still maintaining distance or is it back to normal?

New comics are ramping up with even more new releases this week. Let us know what you are picking up.

Did you know we have the forum up and running, you can check it out at the official CHU Forum site, go over and sign up.

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

33 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. I was lucky enough to snag a F/VF copy of A Distant Soil #5 at one of the LCSes, nearby, this eve. Lol, that is after wasting a few bucks buying the wrong book on eBay. There is a comic that has a near identical cover that lacks the corner cutout that says, “Introducing…”. I’m not sure it qualifies, or even if Panda Khan is in that book. I guess I’ll be finding out in a few days…
    Moon Knight #29 and 30 from ’83 for $55 from another LCS. I missed out on their copy of #1 and #25. Old black covers are so cool; ditto for white, yellow, and red. They found a goldmine’s worth of books while cleaning out the back of their shop during the shutdown.
    I got around to reading the “To Meet the Faces You Meet” story from Fever Dreams and I could definitely see potential for a movie being really good. Oswald would be great in that role, for certain. I’d recommend it, highly.
    Going to be checking for the Red Mother variant, tomorrow, cause I keep forgetting that every issue, so far, has had a secret variant. That series has been a lot of fun. Those are great comics, imho. Boom Studios is pretty legit, imo.
    Comics are one of the most important pillars of culture, these days.
    Stay safe, and best of luck!

      1. Thanks! I have been furloughed for around 10 weeks, now. I wrap vehicles for a living. Selling books on the Bay has been one of my only sources of income, unfortunately. I had to part with Clone Wars #1 in factory fresh settings, amongst a lot of other books.
        So, getting back to normal feels awesome. I am kinda happy that some publishers are easing off of their releases. FOMO is extra painful when you can find the book, but can’t afford it.
        CHU is a daily staple. Your work is very much appreciated.
        There is nothing that I have found that compares with the thrill of the hunt.

  2. batman 89 and hell arisen 3….punchline….man have these books cooled down and are easily affordable now. modern books to me have been meh for several years now.

    1. I think the whole pandemic didn’t help either. I think if new books kept coming out, the heat would have lasted a bit longer for these. Now that Batman #92 keeps getting pushed back further and further, it affected the price of these two books.

  3. Picked up Star Wars: Purge #1 one-shot from Dark Horse. Great Adam Hughes cover + Darth Vader + dismemberment! I love finding Hughes cover that I never knew existed.

  4. I’d mentioned last week that it was odd that I got my MAA10 incentive variant but not the regulars. And that if that was the case with other shops there might be a flood coming later. Opened my invoice for next week and they’re finally on it. Yellow Hulk arriving two weeks late. The initial price spike may well have been fueled by a lack of supply. That supply may be about to arrive.

      1. I found one today hiding in a stack of kids comics! Had to step on a kid a kid and push another aside to get it, but it’s mine.

        Just kidding about that last part. 🙂

  5. After 3 months of nothing but online pickups, I took a long lunch to stop by one of my shops today.

    No new pick ups, but spent 1 1/2 hours looking through long boxes and man did it feel great!

    Picked up the following treasures:
    Resident Evil #1 (1996 with coupon in NM) $40
    Darth Vader #3 (1st Aphra X 2 for $6 each)
    Star Wars #50 (Emperor JTC variant X 2 $8 each)
    X-Men Origins Deadpool One shot ($5)
    Darth Maul #2 ($4)
    Star Wars Kanan #1 ($4)

    Good hunting everyone!

  6. UPDATE: I had mentioned how there was a lone seller on EBay DrewBizz selling preorders on all FCBD books for crazy prices. Specifically claiming a first appearance on Spider-man Venom and selling at 19.99. I received a response from Diamond stating they are investigating. So hopefully it will get resolved. Take care.

    1. Hey, it’s DrewBizz! Rumor has it he’s also the owner of comicxposure….or closely affiliated.

      Stay away. You’ve been warned.

    2. It’s not just a Diamond violation but eBay claims, any pre-sale that cannot ship within 30 days of it’s sale date is against their rules/policies. So yes, if someone is throwing up pre-sales on comics that don’t come out within the next 30 days, you can report it and eBay will likely remove the listing.

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