Bane Solo Movie?

Seems like a few websites are reporting that Bane could be coming back to the Batman movies with the possibility of him getting a solo movie.

I discovered the news from Alana on the forums that led me to Movieweb that has the full scoop for the most part.

There’s rumors that he could show up in the upcoming The Batman with Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Then there’s talks that he could end up getting his own solo movie as well, just like Joker with Joaquin Phoenix.

Take it with a grain of salt at this point. Seems like the list of existing cast members for the upcoming The Batman makes it seem like Bane would not fit in that well for me since it would create a really crowded roster of villains in the same movie.

Bane made his first appearance in the 64 page special Vengeance of Bane #1 back in 1993.

A classic book and story for any Batman collector. These are still pretty affordable with even slabbed 9.8’s still under the $500 range for the most part.

Bane then made his second appearance leading up to the famous Breaking Batman’s Back (Batman #497) in the Knightfall story line in Batman #489 (which is still a pretty cheap book).

And before you go thinking his 3rd appearance came in Batman #490, he actually showed up in Detective Comics #656.

What do you all think? Bane solo movie a go or no go for you? I have yet to watch Joker myself. I think if done right, could be a good movie but I do welcome Bane into any Batman movie as he, for me, is more of the realistic type villains compared to some of the others.

3 thoughts on “Bane Solo Movie?”

    1. If done right, could be plenty of depth to the character. Some people like chocolate, others prefer vanilla.. then there are some who like Rocky Road..

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