Spoilers: Venom #26 – Who Is Virus?

To start off, if you’ve haven’t been keeping up, Virus dominates the front cover of Venom #26, as seen below. So first Cover and First Full Appearance happens in this issue (unless you count the Greg Horn store variant for Issue #25). Issue #25 has sold out at most online and local shops but the 2nd Prints are still available.

Venom #26If you don’t like the store variants or one of the few that don’t count them when mixing them with the regulars put out by the publisher, then the 2nd Print Wraparound is a book to nab since it uses the interiors from the issue and Virus will be on the back side of the cover.

Now on with the remaining spoilers…  don’t click next if you don’t like spoilers.

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25 thoughts on “Spoilers: Venom #26 – Who Is Virus?”

  1. You guys have had some juicy articles lately, made a bunch of money on the Negan lives heads up thx!

    1. No… Only Virus, Eddie, Dylan and The Maker show up in this issue. There’s a guy that Eddie tracked down and to get information on where The Maker is at in the beginning, but don’t think he’ll be of much importance..

    1. “Only Virus, Eddie, Dylan and The Maker show up in this issue”

      Besides the random dude Eddie gets info from, no one else shows up in this issue.

      1. I think the other villain is Wraith. He was supposed to face Knull in a one shot that was scheduled for April.

        1. Iffy later printing with higher print run for a later printing vs. a total print run of 4000 virgin and trade with better art. I wouldn’t know anymore anyways later printings can’t be first appearance or first cameo of anything in my book since it’s a reprinting with a later print date of when the first appearance took place but they can be first covers sometimes.

          1. If I buy a True Believers Amazing Fantasy #15 I don’t feel like I own a Amazing Fantasy #15 so the same could be said about Venom #25 1st and 2nd print, do you really have Venom #25 or do you have a reprinting of a key Venom book like my True Believers AF #15 is a reprinting of a key Spidermen book but it’s definitely still not a Amazing Fantasy #15.

            1. Could you imagine if comics were printed like they were back around Amazing Fantasy #15.. there would be probably 10 additional printings of that sucker..

        2. I’m talking Venom #26 hits stands same day as the 2nd print Venom #25.. so is 2nd print first cover or is Venom #26, which he’s on the front and not the back.. ? Hmmm… (I’m leaving the store variant out of the equation).

        1. Phooey on your facts.. in Trump’s best voice pinching the invisible nipples with my lips puckered out like I’m kissing a donkey’s ass.. “Fake News!” 😉

    1. store exclusives tend to drop in value and as a general rule I only buy them for the Art, not the spec. While the greg horn store exclusive may have been released first, the upcoming FCBD spiderman will be chronologically his first app. as virus ( if he is indead a rehash of an existing character as many are speculating).

      The venom 25 2nd print will be the unnamed villians first cover.

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