Trailer Drops for Hulu’s Helstrom

The SDCC trailer for Helstrom dropped for the Hulu TV show and it looks pretty good. Very dark. Leave your thoughts in the comment section

Hellstrom is based off Daimon Hellstrom who had his first cameo in Ghost Rider #1 (you can see a full list of character first appearances below)

Daimon Helstrom – Tom Austen – Ghost Rider #1 (cameo), Ghost Rider #2 (Full)

Ana Helstrom – Sydney Lemmon -(Satana) Vampire Tales #2

Victoria Helstrom – Elizabeth Marvel –Marvel Spotlight #13

Caretaker – Robert Wisdom- Ghost Rider #26 (Vol. 6)

Dr. Louise Hastings – June Carryl  Darkhold Pages from the Book of Sins #1

Gabriella Rosetti  (A version of Gabriel the Devil Hunter) – Ariana Guerra  Haunt of Horror #2 

5 thoughts on “Trailer Drops for Hulu’s Helstrom”

  1. I t does look good…I hope it does well. Selfish reason, I picked up a really nice Ghost Rider #2 last year for around $40. Completely under-graded and it pressed really nice. Definitely a 9.2 and might be a 9.4 candidate. Even if I didn’t have the book I ope the show it good, but just another reason to root for it… Off topic but as good as this looks the New Mutants flick is looking that much better! I really hope Marvel’s horror or horror-ish push works out! They really need to do an alternate universe, live action Marvel Zombies, D+/Hulu series. Even if it’s just about survivors trying to run from whatever mutant Zombie is hunting them…Anything, just give it to us!

  2. looks amazing.been picking up the hellstorm series from the 90s&marvel spotlight books .I would love to see in say season two bring back hellcat patsy walker and cast the actressf rom Jessica jones to play her again.excited for this show love you guys blind adam out

  3. honestly looks like ever other demon/devil themed tv show
    not impressed

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