Anthony’s Pick-Ups for 7/22/20

It has been a while since I have shown off some pulls from local comic shops. This week was a pretty good haul of spec books. Check out what I got this week.

6 thoughts on “Anthony’s Pick-Ups for 7/22/20”

          1. Oh, yeah, I totally forgot about that last page. I had to go look again. Yeah, I would say that’s Black Winter if they said the cloud hands were him in #2.

  1. The THOR #4 has an interior cameo of the Black Winter, and now the 2nd print cover is being recognized as first cover appearance. It wasn’t a store exclusive although I do believe a Virgin copy of Issue #4’s second printing by Stegman was/is available through a store as an exclusives. These types of ‘cameo’ are a stretch in my opinion, it’s like saying Cate’s Venom #12, 2nd Print, with woman holding & baby Dylan on porch in rain is the first cover appearance of Dylan Brock, if we follow this train of thought, first apps of various character , Cable is the first to come to mind if babies are first apps. Main point, watch those additional printings, with Cates, Marvel has notoriously released many additional printings of most of his titles, especially first apps, so I’d make sure to grab these as well, they sometimes take longer to be recognized, but when they are, value can really get serious as some have print runs of 700-1500. I know Knull Sword books are finally blowing up, Aaron’s entire run laid ground work for the Black Winter, this all powerful cosmic being, who made Galactus as his herald, so it’ll be interesting to see how things play out.

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