Poyo’s FOC Highlight Books for Last Call 07/27/2020

FOC is the last chance to put in your orders with your comic shops and likely get at a discount for pre-ordering.

You miss out on Catwoman #23? Yeah, so did the rest of us cause nothing ever happens in Catwoman. But it’s getting a second printing due to the new Snowflame and Catgirl that appeared in the issue. So, grab your copy but I wouldn’t go too heavy, it’s going to be plentiful and all it’s going to be is the same cover with different colors.

You’re probably better off just spending the extra cash now to get a first print if you really really want this in your collection. Wait a bit if you want to save money.

Next up is a new book out of IDW that is a hit podcast, so it might draw out fans of the podcast who want to read and or collect this first of a 4 issues mini-series.

Voyage to the Stars #1 has it’s fans but could still be overlooked by some retailers.

Last one on the list goes to Thor #6. It’s just a no brainer pick up. I’m also still pondering what the Skroce Classified Variant will have on it. If it’s Black Winter, could ultimately be the winner (and we should all watch on the secondary market) but then again, I like most if not all of Skroce’s work so it’ll be a winner no matter.

Thor #6 (2020)That’s all this week. There’s a Venom #26 2nd print coming out that’s from the interiors that’s pretty cool art of Virus blasting his Goblin Pumpkin Bombs but I don’t think it’s going to see any expected heat.

13 thoughts on “Poyo’s FOC Highlight Books for Last Call 07/27/2020”

  1. I remember seeing catwoman stuck on the shelves as always then I saw it was “hot” later & all gone the next day lmao

  2. No mention of Venom 25 3rd print? Brief mention of Venom 26 2nd? My money is on those being hot books. Thor a no brainers after #5.

  3. I grabbed 2 copies of Catwoman 23A last week…sold one for $20, the 2nd is sitting at $25.

    I think you’re wrong about the 26 2nd print. It will be under ordered, and that’s a great Virus Action cover/first full. I’ll be grabbing a copy.

    Thor’s cover A’s have not excited me…it’s on my pull so I’ll get it, but looking forward to the 2nd print to replace it…

    Seems like some shops are getting books the week prior…my lcs had last week’s Wednesday books delivered on Friday before. So that classified cover is probably out there on the internet somewhere..

    Voyage to the Stars is a Goonies homage…surprised you didn’t mention that nugget. Everyone here has seen the Goonies, right?

    1. One other thing about the Catwoman reprint…when is the last time a DC reprint which was just a different background Had spec value?

      Teen Titans 12?

      These DC recolored reprints aren’t popular….I’d avoid them.

      1. Wow, a 9.8 copy of TT12 2nd print sold for $325! My 9.8 2nd print may actually be worth more than my 9.4 1st print!

      2. Yup… That’s why I said your probably better off buying the first print.

        And even the TT12 took many moons before it was really worth dumping for profit.

        1. I had so many copies of the 2nd print…and dumped all but one copy for little profit as TT12 was sliding back to about $100 in 9.8.

          It’s supposed to be my reader copy…but maybe the first print will be my reader copy!

          1. I couldnt even sell mine over a year or two ago… I finally sold the two copies I had last fall I think for a little over $20 or so. I remember my local shop took months to sell all their copies…. So many out there. Thats why I’m like sell sell sell… These people paying top dollar for comics are nuts…. The bubble is gonna burst eventually.

    2. I think Virus isnt gonna be as hot as the Knull minion or whatever he turns out to be. I might be wrong but I’m just not feeling it this round.

      And yes, I knew the homage for Goonies on Voyage to the Stars but wanted to see if others realized it… 😉

      1. I feel kinda dumb now that I didn’t see it was a Goonies homage after seeing the movie a million times in school. I’m picking up a copy now.

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