Robin King Spec – Books You Do Not Pass Up

So it seems Robin King is really taking off. When Snyder claimed he was going to be in Death Metal #2, he didn’t necessarily fib because creators don’t nitpick the minuscule details we comic book nerds pick away at.

So here’s some of the key books you should not overlook in the next 2 weeks as they’re already taking off on secondary pre-sales. Yes, even if you don’t buy, read or collect DC books, grab a copy cause it could be easy money down the beaten speculator path..  then you can use those profits to buy the books you want.

The first pick goes to Dark Night Death Metal #2. So yes, we don’t get the full Robin King but we get the small glimpse of a Robin being offered the title and or job, whatever you want to call it. Sold out at some online retailers, not all as of yet since Midtown still has them available and likely can still be found at your local shops, this was heavily ordered due to Snyder claiming Robin King is introduced in this issue.

Then we have Dark Night Death Metal Legends of the Dark Knight #1 that comes out August 4th. This one might be the winner, at least for now as it’s an origin story.

From what I’ve gathered, the term Robin King is mentioned in this issue and back story that pre-dates when Batman Who Laughs coined the term in Death Metal #2..  but..  but… So, was there a previous Robin King to the new Robin King? Is it going to be a new one in the upcoming Death Metal #3.

So that brings up Dark Night Death Metal #3 where the story continues and we likely see the Robin being offered the job or title as Robin King become, yes, Robin King. Or is there another? Can someone try to make sense of all of this cause it’s making my head hurt thinking about it.

Either way, the Federici Variant for Death Metal #3 is already selling well with pre-sales and despite how all this plays out, I think picking up copies of all 3 are probably wise if you’re speculating on Robin King.

Either way you look at it, Snyder was correct. We can only assume the Robin in DM#2 will be the Robin King in Death Metal #3 but since news of Legends leaked there was a previous Robin King that’s apparently a younger Bruce Wayne..  we’ll just have to wait and see how this all plays out. Grab all 3 if you can.

I think that sums it up in a nutshell. Someone do correct me if I’m wrong or if you have information that’s not readily available..

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  1. How do you feel about Batman 655 Variant? You feel like its a good time to sell since his Robin king is getting heat?

      1. Well Batman 655 Is first app of Damian Wayne, aint Robin King Damian Wayne basically? If people collecting Robin King than they could be wanting to own All keys for Damian Wayne including the 655 variant

        1. The guy says multiple panels of Robin King and named throughout Death Metal Legends. Also the guy said the Darkest Knight appears in Death Metal Legends he says when you read DML you may count Death Metal #2 as first full Darkest Knight I guess the panels of them mixing BWL and Doctor Manhattan are more important than originally thought. Or this Death Metal Legends will be first Robin King and first Blackest Knight too.

          1. “the guy” says a lot of things doesn’t he.. 😉

            I don’t know. I saw that video of the guy in the Game On hat and he admitted to sitting on 45 copies of Legends.. makes one wonder he’s only pumping to dump.. I don’t think we have the full story yet until DM3 comes out. If you ask me, sounds like this origin story is claiming things prior to them being claimed in DM2.. something smells fishy. But like I always say, buy low, sell high and just grab all 3 copies if you’re in the speculation game and hold on to the “oh shit” bar for the likely bumpy ride, I’m sure all the comic nerds out there are gonna have a heyday spending countless hours arguing which is which..

            1. By the time Death Metal Legends comes out I may be sitting on 45 copies too 🙈. I have 10 regular, 1 cgc 9.8 regular, and one copy of the Variant that will be breaking bank accounts for the next 6 months. Probably grab a couple more regular copies when I place my orders for that week I’m sure they will be limit 1 if not sold out.

            2. Poyo I agree his line about having 45 copies of Legends struck me as a red flag too. I watch him often, he does sell books. Never struck me as a pumper dumper, but with all this info coming from his video, and him admitting he’s only seen some of the book meaning he’s piecing a lot together, and with his financial stake in the book, there are some red flags. His video alone brought a 20% off cover price preorder book to a book that is now $20+ on ebay overnight. I don’t think he’s pumping dumping, I think he’s just overly excited and overly invested, but the red flags are there.

              1. If u watch his vids he always buys a lot of books when he thinks there hits. He doesn’t pump in dumps he just spends frivolously on books he THINKS will pop just so happens this time hes on to a heater.

                1. And that’s fine but it’s the way one conducts themselves though. If you think a book is hot and want to flip them, great but I just got the sense his debate/argument is leaning towards the book he went “heavy” on in the video before we have all the facts or see how this plays out (which in a sense is yes, pumping a book for your own gain). Yes, Legends is heating up but honestly right now, one can definitely say its due to a lot of FOMO from those who didn’t pre-order and now with all the chatter, want a copy and willing to spend more for it.

          2. Alana on a side note, which RiRi Williams you like better? Issue 9 first print? Issue 9 second print? Or Variant with her and tony stark First ironheart?

          1. Oh sorry, yeah.. I’m getting my Batman’s mixed up. Meh, too many Robin’s.. they just need to do away with the boy, all he’s good for is killing..

        2. Jay…I believe and I could be wrong as I don’t recall my Metal history, but only one Robin Goblin was Damian Wayne and he’s gone. A lot of people believe the others are Jason Todd due to the words crow bar having some meaning to them. The Robin Goblin in at least Legends is apparently Bruce Wayne. Either way I don’t see any of the multiple versions of the characters causing much change in the originals.

        3. Where did you read/hear that Damian is the Robin King? If it was, it’s not the Damian from 655. The Damian from 655 exists in the same universe as this new Robin King. (I haven’t read it yet, so I may be mistaken).

        1. I’ll just wait for the 2nd,3rd,4th prints of the books which will give me the true true true true first appearance cameo baby pictures of the robin king

            1. Yeah, their reprints SUUUCCCKKKK!!!

              Except TY12. I actually like the red cover.

              And He’ll Arisen 3rd. Purple background makes a good Joker Cover.

          1. First true full cover appearance of the Dr. Robin King Who Laughs Waynhattan Knight of Darkness as seen in Dark Crisis Metal Nights of Death Wars-Verse.

            1. I like D-rog’s mention that this King Robin could be that anti-Batman kid in Batman #38.. since we’ve been told that this origin Robin King in Legends is a Bruce… 😉

              1. Unfortunately that was a Tom King creation, and not a multiverse “Bruce” which these Robins seem to come from. So I cant see Snyder using that character for this story.

  2. I have a question about the legends comic. The preview catalog has 2 of them one labeled as JUN200435 which is the Tony Daniel cover in shops August 05 and the other one labeled as JUN200437 in shops Aug 26, 2020. Both have the same description but the seconfld one has no image. What is the difference between both???

    1. The tfaw listing that was good is already sold out those were the old ones they never removed when they updated the new listing. So crap shoot you may or most likely not get them. We have some places shared on the forum that have them still reasonably priced if you need them or multiples.

      1. Alana how you feel about Catgirl? You feel like issue 24 will be just as important because her name has not been given yet? Or just 23 the way to go? WhAt if she is batmans daughter? Worth getting issue 1000?

    2. Diamond/Previews accidentally listed two books. But it became moot once DC left diamond and it was listed correctly as one.

      1. MIdtown and other sites have both books so it is weird nobody noticed. I do hope I receive all copies I purchased even if they are all the Tony Daniel cover. Did anybody see the 1:25 covers being sold for a price near ratio or just the ebay infalted pricing?

  3. I am boycoating this book.they took out the warren ellis story so I am taking a stand and not surporting legends just how I roll #testify blind adam out

  4. My copies of next weeks DC books arrived today. FedEx really doesn’t do a great job with hitting street dates. Just finished reading Death Metal Legends and the Robin King backstory was not what I expected at all.

    You can still very much make a case that Legends is a first appearance. Robin King is not who you think it is, at all. Not Damian or Tim etc. I’m actually not a fan of spoiling stories for folks. But just to nail down the future credibility, there’s some marshmallow roasting, a goldfish, and a crossbow. Whether the issue makes great spec or not will come down to what happens to the character later. People only really care about first appearances when the later appearances are worth reading.

    I was actually more pleased with the fleshing out of the BatManhattan concept. And I admit. The Garth Ennis story is darkly hilarious, staircase and all.

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