Robin King Spec – Books You Do Not Pass Up

So it seems Robin King is really taking off. When Snyder claimed he was going to be in Death Metal #2, he didn’t necessarily fib because creators don’t nitpick the minuscule details we comic book nerds pick away at.

So here’s some of the key books you should not overlook in the next 2 weeks as they’re already taking off on secondary pre-sales. Yes, even if you don’t buy, read or collect DC books, grab a copy cause it could be easy money down the beaten speculator path..  then you can use those profits to buy the books you want.

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Batman and Robin #19 Carrie Kelley Robin?


Yeah, the same Carrie Kelley that appeared in Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns.

Not sure how the story will pan out, but Bleeding Cool reported that there was a print run of 18,000 available through Diamond that have sold out as of Sunday night. This book drops on Wednesday and would be worth picking up.