Atlantis Wasn’t Built for Tourists #1 – Sneak Peek Preview

Lovecraft meets Sergio Leone in a modern tale of corruption, family legacies, and nightmarish dread. Lucas Lewis drifts into Atlantis County, Oregon wanting nothing more than a hot meal and a soft bed for the night. What he finds instead is a small town in thrall to eldritch creatures lurking in the surrounding wilderness, possibly guided by an even more sinister force. Lucas becomes determined to eradicate all Atlantis’s demons, but these monsters are not what they seem. Unfortunately for the monsters, neither is Lucas.

Can only find issue #2 on eBay and it seems most online retailers don’t have it listed or are already sold out. Midtown still has these but at 1 per customer. So could be a tough book to find, possibly under ordered.

Enjoy your sneak peek preview of Atlantis Wasn’t Built For Tourists #1 out from Scout Comics and in stores tomorrow Wednesday August 18th, 2020. Maybe it’ll have you craving more… cause that’s what previews are designed to do right?

You’ll also have to excuse the break up in pages, I use higher quality images for the pages to not lose so much quality so we want to avoid loading a 8MB size page all at once..   

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2 thoughts on “Atlantis Wasn’t Built for Tourists #1 – Sneak Peek Preview”

  1. Does Scout usually populate their online store the day of release or before? Nothing showing under Atlantis on their storefront. My LCS doesn’t get these, so I take the opportunity to get the webstore exclusives and ashcans.

    1. I never notice and rarely visit Scouts store. My last order I’m pretty sour about how I paid $8 shipping (I was expecting Priority at that price) and it arrived via Media Mail…

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