September Previews 2020 – Marvel Spotlight Books

Previews gives us a glimpse of what’s to come. Here’s the spotlight new books coming out of September Previews for Marvel Comics.

Here’s the spotlight books on my radar for Marvel coming out of September Previews.

Miles Morales Spider-Man #20 has a great looking A cover. This one grabs my attention and Garron nails it for me. I love when covers depict action instead of the all so common poses.

Miles Morales Spider-Man #20But speaking of poses on covers, the Clarke Variant B for this same issue is just awesome as well.

Miles Morales Spider-Man #20 (Clarke Variant)Eternals #1 is coming and this was expected, with the movie on the way. Here’s hope Gillen and Ribic can pull this off.

Go with the cover you like most (there’s a lot and this print run will be plentiful) and if you still can’t decide, go with Cover A which is by Ribic, who’s artwork is impeccable.

Eternals #1

Star Wars Darth Vader #7 (2020) is in previews and it’s a title catching heat on early issues either based on speculation of the first appearances showing up or maybe just in general it’s awesome no matter I must have type of sense because Darth Vader is the best.

Either way, this is just a great cover. Yes, Vader is hideous looking but that’s what makes it so awesome. I dig Acuna’s artwork, this is some good stuff.

The solicitations speak of a mysterious Sith Assassin. Could this be a new first appearance of another new character? Could it be someone already introduced? Star Wars is that type of story that has limitless possibilities so creating new characters only means more intellectual property for Disney to capitalize off of.

Star Wars Darth Vader #7 (2020)

Thor #9 (2020) is a new story arc which I think Alana is going to love, as it travels back in time and it appears Donny Cates might be doing some reconning from 1962.

Cates likes to throw screwballs and curve balls. This series has already caught fire and I expect it to continue to catch fire as anything is possible with Cates at the helm of whatever Marvel title he’s tasked with.

Thor #9 (2020)I’ll likely never own a high grade copy of Visions first appearance so this is the next best thing of this very classic iconic cover.

Avengers #57 Facsimile Edition is a must have for me.

Avengers #57 Facsimile EditionI actually stopped buying Amazing Spider-Man since Spencer took over. What a let down so far. Pretty sad I’d almost rather have Slott back on writing duties. Nah, maybe it’s time to get someone entirely new.

Either way, I hope it starts to pick up with Kindred but I just love the covers for Amazing Spider-Man #53. The regular and the variant.

Amazing Spider-Man #53

And the Ramos Variant is just great cover art..

Amazing Spider-Man #53 (Ramos Variant)Maybe the guy on this next title should do Amazing Spider-Man? You reading this Marvel? You wanna make Amazing Spider-Man a consistent 100k or higher print run book? All you have to do is put Cates on the title and I betcha Amazing Spider-Man becomes your number one title again.

Anyways, Cates Venom #30 is in previews with a great looking Codex cover. For me it’s kind of a letdown that Codex is just Dylan on the spec level, a brand new character would have done wonders for the character on the secondary market but it totally makes sense on the level of story telling.

But for you people on the Venom bandwagon, this one is a must.

Venom #30

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #7 is just a great Star Wars title. Wasn’t this suppose to just be a mini series? I don’t recall it originally slated to be more than 5 issues but I could be mistaken.

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #7There’s also a Star Wars Bounty Hunters #7 (Christopher Action Figure Variant) but the cover art hasn’t been released as of yet. Could be worthy if it’s Boba Fett.

Strange Academy #5 is a must. Shall I explain? Do I need to explain?

Strange Academy #5I already mentioned this book today in the FOC highlight picks (it’s not on FOC but was mentioned alongside the issue that is). But it’s Wolverine #7 Xos. Not sure what draws me into this cover but it’s, I don’t know, unique and different.

Wolverine #7 XosWolverine was made to be bloody. I hope this one lives up to that expectations as like Anthony pointed out on the forums, Wolverine has been overused and is just simply kind of lame most of the time.

Wolverine Black White Blood #1 (of 4) got my attention on possibly a revival perhaps? I know Drog is picking this one up though, since he can’t get enough of Wolverine crouching with claws out..

Wolverine Black White Blood #1 (of 4)This last pick could either be great or a dud. It’s definitely one to check out. Sometimes the less mainstream and less popular of the Marvel characters seem to grab the attention with just great story telling.

U.S.AGENT #1 (of 5) is that book.

U.S.AGENT #1 (of 5)

Those are the highlight picks for Marvel coming out of September Previews. What are you pre-ordering or eyeballing? Tell us here or on the forums.

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  1. It’s nice to know I’m not alone as one who reads Solicits, normally making my purchasing decisions based on titles I read last month, or the Solicits. Your Marvel selections fall in line with mine for the most part, fingers crossed that Eternals turns out as a Blazer!
    That being said, the Indie titles coming out of smaller publishers such as Vault, AWA, Ablaze, & Boom, have been phenomenal lately.
    Plus crowdfunding has always been a go to for me, and since the pandemic left creators and artists on lockdown, IndieGoGo & KickStarter have both been pumping out some surprisingly good titles.
    Keep up the great work, I always like checking out your page!
    David Conine

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