Hunt The Shelves Part II – Books To Keep A Eye Out For

So over in the forums, we have a “Hunt the Shelves” topic that is also an editable wiki page so anyone can contribute of books to hunt for each week. You have to be a trusted member of level 2 or higher to view it (another perk to join the forum, join the discussions and gain trust, it’s free, we don’t charge people for information).

This is a list of some new additions since our last Hunt The Shelves Part I.

First up is what was brought forth the other day, Undone by Blood. News spread that it got optioned with Norman Reedus’s production company.

Undone by Blood #1 was an Aftershock comic that’s seeing some decent sales now on the secondary market. These are likely still tucked away at shops, so keep an eye out for them.

The next worthy books to keep an eye out for in the back issues is Sentry #4 and Sentry #5. Who would have thought this book would heat up?

Either way, it’s getting lots of love now on the secondary market since it might tie into Donny Cates Knull, God of Light, etc. Sentry merges with the Void in issue #4 and first full is in issue #5. (Please do tell me if I got the terminology right, I have yet to read these).

There’s also Magnificient Ms. Marvel #13 2nd printing that’s now seeing some love on the after market. If you can find these out in the wild, worthy of picking up.

That’s all for now. We’ll try to keep these rolling out as they’re being discussed.

9 thoughts on “Hunt The Shelves Part II – Books To Keep A Eye Out For”

  1. I would agree on Undone by Blood #1. Bought 2 copies yesterday for cover and sold both within an hour for $20 each.

    You might have talked about it also, but Marvel Knights Spider-Man #10 (2005) is also one to look for. Found a copy for $4 yesterday and sold it for $25 (supposedly ties into Venom #28).

    Love the Hunt the Shelves! Keep up the great work.

      1. Let’s not perpetuate this misinformation. First Mac Gargan is Amazing Spider-Man #20 (January, 1965). He was the original Scorpion. Now, in Marvel Knights Spider-Man #10 (March, 2005) he does acquire the symbiote and become the third Venom, which is worth finding for the fist appearance of Venom III.

          1. No apology necessary. I’d not noticed his appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #19. My copy is in storage, but I’ll check when I can.

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