Poyo’s Spec & Drek for October 21st, 2020 + Phantom Starkiller NYCC Giveaway

Welcome to this weeks spec and drek. This is where we pick the winners each week we think will be spec worthy, a great read or just cool looking art on the cover. I also dive into the pesky drek, the book you should probably avoid if you can or perhaps not invest so heavily into.

I’m kicking off my spec and drek picks a little early this week as I’m not filling in the tidbits of why I’m picking the book or dreking my drek pick. I’m just sharing the title and image of each pick. Why you ask? Well, that’s the contest for the giveaway.

Instead, you can guess by filling in the spec talk as if you were me. You don’t have to fill in for all the books listed. The person who makes me laugh the most wins a copy of Phantom Starkiller NYCC Exclusive Variant. Which by the way is now selling around the $100+ range with some listing as high as $200. These were limited to 250 copies and sold out pretty fast on Scouts Website.

So here are the picks. Comment here (or the forums, I’ll start a topic there for the contest) and make me laugh on why you think I picked the book and or the drek pick. Everyone has one shot, so one entry per person. I’ll announce the winner by Wednesday or next Saturday, if the entrants/comments start winding down, I’ll see about picking a winner.

DC Picks

Batman: White Knight Presents Harley Quinn #1
Batman White Knight Presents Harley Quinn #1 (of 8) Scalera

Marvel Picks

X-Men #12 Xos (2ns Printing)

Werewolf by Night #1 Veregge Variant

Venom #29

Indie and Small Publisher Picks

Scumbag #1

Phantom Starkiller #1

Now on with the dreaded “drek” pick, every writer and artists worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work.

The book to avoid or not fall victim to in buying at ratio inflated prices.

Spider-Woman #5 (err.. #100, no, it’s #5..  no..  it’s #100).

Contest Rules:
1. Post your responses here in this article to fill in my spec and drek.
2. The one I find the most humorous wins (Poyo Picks, if I think there’s a tie, I ask Anthony to break the tie in which one he thinks is funnier).
3. One entry per person.
4. Use valid email, that’s how we contact you for shipping address.
5. U.S. Entrants only, sorry, International shipping is just awful to deal with.
6. Winner likely announced between Wednesday Oct 21st and Saturday the 24th.

24 thoughts on “Poyo’s Spec & Drek for October 21st, 2020 + Phantom Starkiller NYCC Giveaway”

    1. Batman: White Knight Presents Harley Quinn #1

      1st appearance of Harley’s “Karen” persona. Ties Robin up and berates him about social topics such as “All Lives Matter,” climate change is a hoax, and being forced to wear a N95 in public. Antics ensue.

  1. Harley Quinn #1: Batman is not
    Amused with what jokers done to his beloved robin! – will the anal seepage ever stop??? Someone call tampax!

    X-men 12- a cover worthy of a Halloween horror flick’s movie poster ,top notch.

    On the other hand, werewolf by night #1 looks like a public service announcement on the dangers of gingivitis! Get wolfy some listerine and a metal grinder. Those teeth are radioactive!

    Venom #29 …pulling a Michael Jackson on the young Brock! Pull that boy in from the balcony! Not too imaginative would have looked better and a lion king/simba spoof

    Speaking of irresponsibility , we are now lead to the scumbag! Everyone’s favorite degenerate! Will he save the world? I don’t know, but he’ll have fun trying! Just make sure he doesn’t eat the. Brown acid or we’re all in trouble!

    Phantom star killer , you know, I heard he’s the one that gets scumbag his dope. Rockin that good good interstellar sticky icky , laced with a bit of out of this world hallucinogenic plasm. What’s not to love? Maddd colors, skeleton dude, trippy artwork. Betting this will be an awesome book. Sky rockets in flight- kill kill kill! :..I think that’s how the song goes..

    Last on the list, sexy and sticky. Don’t get caught in her web or you’ll never get unstuck. The lady that we wouldn’t mind to … uhh. Yea.. SpiderWoman!!!! This covers nice. Lookin good girl. Wonder if she twerks when she does the dishes..

    Hope that was semi entertaining. By the way I picked werewolf for Derek ! Scumbag and phantom are my tops! Fingers crossed!!

  2. One maybe Joker, or could it be Bruce? Selina maybe? Though surely not possible to do? What oh what… What’s a Harley to do?

  3. DC Pick: Plenty of great covers to chase this week like the Dark Nights Death Metal Robin King one shot variant or the Catwoman Frison variant but if you’re like me and prefer to have your money supporting single moms than the White Knight Harley Quinn Scalera variant is the obvious choice. Making it rain at my LCS instead of some shady club is also a plus.
    Marvel Pick: My Lazy Spec pick goes to X-Men #12 Cos 2nd print variant and for two reasons. First of all Marvel was too lazy to give it a new cover and opted to just give it the color change treatment. Secondly, I’m too lazy to go to my LCS every Wednesday to chase all the first printings of books I want, so I just make do with the second print when it arrives.
    Indie Pick: Hands down the Scumbag #1 cover takes the cake. That’s the face a person makes when a nuclear explosion isn’t that impressive when compared to all the other crazy events he’s endured for the year 2020.
    The Drek Pick: If you prefer confusing number systems and a hundred different covers for a book no one cares about than you must be a member of the Cult of Cthulu, who also happens to like Spider Woman #5 or #100 or whatever. Just look at the regular cover with all the skull octopus symbols all over it!!! If the Cult of Cthulu isn’t behind the silly million covers trend than I haven’t the faintest idea who could be??

  4. DC Picks:

    Batman: White Knight presents Harley Quinn- Or the never-ending retelling of the emancipation of Harley Quinn.

    Marvel Picks:

    X-men #12 (2nd printing)-Finally, the origin story of Edgar Winter is revealed!

    Werewolf by Night #1-The long awaited comics debut of the least famous member of the Black Eyed Peas. “I’ve gotta feeling” this has a hit written all over it. If you’re not picking up and stashing 17 copies you’ve got to ask yourself “where is the love”?

    Venom #29-Anticipate Donny Cates immediately killing off Codex and never bringing him back to piss off comic speculators.Yet you’re still going to buy and stash a bunch of copies cause he’s hot as fire right now, and you hate yourself.

    Indie and Small Publisher Picks:

    The Scumbag #1-After Deadly Class got cancelled by SyFy, Rick Remender went to a dark, dark place. Now for the first time, he shares that story.

    Phantom Starkiller #1-Toy companies deciding to make cartoons or comics to sell their products? Unheard of!

    Drek PicK:
    Spider-Woman #5-It took 43 years just to reach 100 issues for a reason…

  5. Phantom Starkiller – because the figure on the cover reminds you of the many times you’ve hiked your leg to crop dust the room

  6. Now onto this week’s dreaded “drek” pick:

    Spider-Woman #5. They got so confused on the numbering of this one that they ended up giving her two belly buttons. Once seen, it cannot be unseen.

  7. White knight harley quinn #1: Batman broods, joker laughs, and Robin deals with his first period. First appearance of Robins period.

    X-men 12: second print of the first cover appearance of the beast arm-dong

    Werewolf by night 1 Variant: first cover appearance of Wylie Coyote on peyote

    Venom 29: If you don’t buy it, Cates will do something dope in it and you’ll wish you had. Regardless, this will happen so just buy it.

    Scumbag 1: See what’s inside all Remender’s self loathing main characters, finally on the outside.

    Phantom Starkiller 1: finally the first order’s starkiller weapon in the flesh (sort of. Well, phantom flesh)

    Drek: Spiderwoman 100: The 100th issue extravaganzzz…..zzzzz zzzzz zzzzz

  8. The Scumbag should have stories related to eBay sellers inability to decipher a VF from a NM+ comic and put pictures in the listing that resemble the one of the Loch Ness monster.

    The Scumbag should have stories related to terrible packaging of those same actual VF books listed as NM where as soon as you receive the package you are already thinking … W.t.F

    The Scumbag should have stories related to eBay buyers returning perfectly good or accurately described items and return because it won’t grade as high as they want it to. I mean, the listing stated VF/NM, but because they didn’t receive a 9.8 – the item is not as described. Gross!

  9. Harley Quinn Scaler cover because on that cover Harley gets to the soul of her character: as a washed up sex symbol that now has a couple Irish Twins in her arms as she wonders if she’ll ever see the lying stinking men who ran away as soon as the pregnancy test showed positive. Bonus: this issue contains first appearance of “The Batman Who Dodges Paternity Tests”

  10. Batman: White Knight Presents Harley Quinn #1 – First appearance of Librarian Harley
    X-Men #12 XoS (2nd Printing) – First Target Red edition Knull
    Werewolf by Night #1 Veregge Variant – Bad Pot variant
    Venom #29 – Major event – Dylan Brock sh*ts his pants
    Scumbag #1 – Major event – first appearance of a spent condom held by a man (The Pro did it first as a woman)
    Phantom Starkiller #1 – Cross appearance by Skeletor

  11. Venom #29 reminds me of Cerebus church & state when Pope cerebus tosses the baby off the balcony!
    I wonder if Dylan will have the same fate?

  12. Agent Poyo is building a comic speculation force of extraordinary magnitude! He forges our spirits in the tradition of our ancestors! He has our gratitude!

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