Star Wars Insider Magazine – Magazines Heating Up.. Say What?

We all know by now that Star Wars sells. Every second a new potential fan is born in the world. This trend will never end as long as humans continue to produce entertainment in the form of novels, graphic novels, comics and moving picture shows…

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you might have noticed that the Star Wars Insider Magazines that are put out by Titan Publishing are seeing a lot of love on the secondary market.

Star Wars Insider #195 which has Baby Yoda on the cover and there is also a Variant of the cover has seen prices as high as $200. Which if you ask me is just crazy but you know, if people are buying, you might as well be selling if you can.

Even the regular is selling on average for around $50 or so. Not a bad flip if you can still find them out in the wild. The magazines are $9.99 but that shouldn’t faze some flippers or collectors since all too often we are seeing $7.99 to $9.99 comic books nowadays.

And since Baby Yoda (we all know his real name now, but I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t finished watching season 2) craze will likely stick around for quite sometime (probably longer than I’ll live), the new High Republic title that is hitting shelves this January is getting love with it’s own variant for the Magazine in Star Wars Insider #199, prices in the $60-$80 range.

Another hard to find issue that sees some mad profit (if you got at cover price) is Star Wars Insider #140 which has Ahsoka Tano on the cover.

Then there’s another Ahsoka Tano cover that has gone for a little over double cover with Star Wars Insider #159.

This one also had a PX Previews virgin variant as well. Don’t see any sold but someone’s asking $400 or best offer currently. Mad asking price? Most definitely but I wouldn’t count out someone spending that much on it cause Star Wars fans are crazy at times.

The variant of this one has Asajj Ventress on the cover. Not the greatest cover if you ask me but still selling well.

I haven’t time to check out most of the past issues to see what type of heat they’re generating but it seems like these are the most prominent ones to date.

It’ll be interesting to see how these fare as if I’m not mistaken, magazines can just be printed and printed to fulfill orders. I’m sure there’s a certain point they’ll just cut off more printings so be weary when ordering. Buy and flip when you can. If you think it’s gonna be one of those rare covers that go unnoticed, maybe buy an extra to hold.

There’s an upcoming Momoko variant cover as well for issue #200 (there’s a virgin variant too, maybe a foil version). It’ll be interesting to see where that one lands on the value chart. It’s a winner only because there’s a Baby Yoda on the cover and Mandalorian is hot right now..

6 thoughts on “Star Wars Insider Magazine – Magazines Heating Up.. Say What?”

      1. Not only Star Wars Insider, but as you all probably know don’t skip looking for Star Wars Rebels magazines for early Ezra Bridger, Sabine, and Ahsoka Tano appearances.

        I was able to find a #1 in VF+ shape variant last week for $6. Sold Ebay have been over $130-$180.

        Unbelievable how Star Wars, which used to be worthless unless you collected to read is now hotter than ever for spec.

        Good hunting!

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