Amazing Spider-Man #55 2nd Print On Pre-Order

The Patrick Gleason cover for Amazing Spider-Man #55 quickly became a sought after cover. The iconic head sketch made from spiderwebs in white on a black background made people go nuts. The second print cover has been revealed and is up for pre-order.

Amazing Spider-man #55 2nd Print variant is seen below. This time it is in red. The book will be in stores February 03, 2021.

10 thoughts on “Amazing Spider-Man #55 2nd Print On Pre-Order”

  1. I finished with 41 copies preordered of the first print, I think I’ll grab like three of this one since there shouldn’t be much spec as everyone will order the heck out of it

    1. Well i thought the last one was pretty heavily spec before foc, so idk, def interested in a 3rd print tho if they make it, i want an inverse_ black on white

        1. Yeah. I backed my order down as a result. With the store that will be buying these in bulk to get the ratios it could kill any resale. Still grabbing 3

    2. Question – how do you go about getting so many?

      Through online retailers? I’m in Canada and just wondering how that works

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