February Previews 2021 – Marvel Spotlight Books

Previews gives us a glimpse of what’s to come. Here’s the spotlight new books coming out of February Previews for Marvel…

Spider-Man: Spider’s Shadow #1 has a really cool variant. This alone got me interested in what I might not have bothered with, waiting for it to hit the MU app to read.

Spider-Man Spiders Shadow #1 (of 4)
Spider-Man Spiders Shadow #1 (of 4) (Ferry Variant)
Spider-Man Spiders Shadow #1 (of 4) (Ron Lim Variant)

Hoping for an exciting finale to this current Thor story arc with Thor #14.

Thor #14
Thor #14 (Reborn Variant)

Venom #200 (#35 for current series). Going to have a massive printing, a bazillion covers, crap ton of ratio variants and probably a lot of store exclusives. Buy with caution cause no matter what happens within, it’s gonna take a while for this to be extraordinarily worth something.

4 Issues later and she’s still Daredevil. Makes Daredevil #25 a little more appealing now right?

Daredevil #29
Daredevil #29 (Reborn Variant)

Immortal Hulk not looking so Immortal on the cover of Immortal Hulk #45.

Immortal Hulk #45 (Bennett Homage Variant)
Immortal Hulk #45 (Reborn Variant)

Another Clone Saga, but this time for Miles Morales. Could be good, could create some buzz around some more Spider characters, introduce some new ones perhaps.

The saga starts in Mile Morales: Spider-Man #25.

Miles Morales Spider-Man #25 (Bagley Skyline Variant)
Miles Morales Spider-Man #25 (Liefeld Deadpool 30th Variant) (Probably gonna be awful, $5 Deadpool has no feet)
Miles Morales Spider-Man #25 (Reborn Variant)
Miles Morales Spider-Man #25 (Veregge Variant)

Who’s it gonna be? Who’s the figure that’s not revealed on Avengers #44? There’s a Momoko variant as well. I’m sure none of these will be revealed until release if they’re spoiling who the new Phoenix is.

Avengers #44 (Weaver Connecting Variant)
Avengers #44 (Momoko Variant)

As a long time original Alien fan, I really hope this new title now with Marvel is a great read with fantastic art. I enjoyed most of the Dark Horse runs I read.

If they keep having Hans do the regulars, you just found someone that’ll likely pick these up each and every month. Also the Alien #1 (Gleason Variant) is the one to get I think for issue #1.

Alien #2
Alien #2 (Hans Variant)

Is that Carol with some Sorcerer type magic and cape going on for Captain Marvel #28?

Captain Marvel #28
Captain Marvel #28 (Reborn Variant)

Silk #2, one of my favorite characters of recent to come out of Amazing Spider-Man.

The next two books that might be tied into the new WandaVision show. If you’re part of the forums, there’s a big WandaVision topic going on. So I won’t get into any specifics as to prevent spoiling for those who have yet to watch the show.

Squadron Supreme Marvel Tales One Shot 

Darkhawk Heart of Hawk #1
Darkhawk Heart of Hawk #1 (Lubera Variant)
Darkhawk Heart of Hawk #1 (Dauterman Variant)

Now on with all the Star Wars books coming out from Marvel for February Previews.

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #11. Great series, not much spec besides the early Boba Fett 2nd print covers but these could be worthy as time goes on. With Mandalorian being popular, I would love to see a Bounty Hunters spin-off show on Disney+.

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #11 (Sprouse Empire Strikes Back Variant)

Star Wars Darth Vader #11. I like this cover and I like the story plot, learning more about Exegol.

Also, I don’t buy into the anniversary covers but I really do like this one which I think is one of the most iconic screen grabs for Empire Strikes Back.

Star Wars High Republic #4.

Started off hot, will probably stay interesting with a high chance of new characters making their debuts in this series.

Star Wars High Republic #4 (Bustos Variant)

And last but not least, Star Wars Doctor Aphra #9. Not many were onboard with this one until the more recent release #7 caused a little stir. No cover art revealed yet for this one (but then again, I didn’t spend much time searching).

4 thoughts on “February Previews 2021 – Marvel Spotlight Books”

  1. Thanks for the info, but I have a question for you. Do you order from tfaw? They don’t honor pre-orders and there shipping is probably the worst.

    1. I do preorder a bit from TFAW.
      Shipping is lengthy (coming from Oregon) and generally books are packaged well.

      I have NOT had issues with them not honoring any of my preorders, but at most I’m only ordering 3 copies.

    2. I do, all my pre-orders are honored and they’re shipping has vastly improved. Join the forums, there’s a long running topic about store reports and we got TFAW taking notes a lot of the time of when things go wrong.

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