Batman Fortnite Zero Point #1 Why You Should Pay Attention to This Book

Fortnite is coming to Batman. No surprise, Batman was in Fortnite a season or two ago, they did a special Joker/Poison Ivy pack over the holidays that went well. (Last season of Fortnite focused on Marvel characters and skins and had a very Marvel heavy storyline. This season pop culture skins include the Alien Xenomorph, Predator, Terminator, Daryl Dixon and Michonne, and others.)But I mean Batman Fortnite Zero Point #1. Ok, you guys are not excited yet, I get it. So why should you take the chance on the book? I mean after all, not like the Fortnite Marvel variants are selling for that much. No, the reason isn’t a variant, the reason isn’t even the story, the reason is below, from the solicitation…

*Each print issue of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point will include a redeemable code for bonus DC-themed Fortnite digital items, inspired by the events in the comic, starting with the new Rebirth Harley Quinn Outfit.*

So buy the comic and get a code for an exclusive skin not available in the item shop. Mind you, Fortnite skins sell in the item shop for $12-$20.

So, two winter’s ago, Gamestop and Target were giving out codes for a Christmas themed pick axe. Those codes were selling on eBay for $20 each. Yes free codes for a pick axe selling for $20 each. There is one up on eBay for an expired code card selling for $76.71 right now. (A pickaxe is used for harvesting mats, building materials in the game.) This issue comes with a skin, a new Harley skin from the solicitation, pictured above.

Now this is one of those rare crossover events where the codes could be worth more than the contents of the comic. But, considering there will be covers from all-star artists, and Fortnite creator Donald Mustard (yes, that’s his name) is working on art, and that the story will give exclusive insight into the game, this is a pretty in-depth crossover, that could have the 350 registered users scrambling to get the comics, or at least the codes.

FOC is 3/7 and books are in stores 4/20

Also important to note, people who get all six issues and redeem all six codes will also get an exclusive Armored Batman Skin. So rinse and repeat for future issues. Could sell very well in sets to get all six codes.

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  1. First. Thank you, love reading this site.
    Second. I hope I get some feedback from fortnite players here.
    Ok, I know almost nothing about the game, but after reading this, I decided to investigate to see if this could be a good investment. Like you said, 6 books, 1 item in each via a scratch code. Odds are they will not be all skins. My guess is 2-3 skins and the other 3-4 will be items. Like pick axes, or other items from the game. Bat or Harley Themed. Bonus is, and why if you get these for spec, you will need to sell them as a 6 code set, is, once you redeem all 6 codes in the game, you get a special armored batman skin. . My take is:
    The good
    There are 10-20 million fortnite players. Brzrkr got laughed at for its high print run of 650k. How many of this book will get printed?? 100k?? 200k???
    Everyone will want this, especially Harley and armored batman skins.

    The bad
    If you are a dceu subscriber, you get all the goodies for free. Not sure what % are subscribers.
    People in comments are already talking about starting a free dceu subscription once the items drop in game, then canceling the subscription. They would keep the items.

    My take is, it will cost (at least me), about $21 a set for the 6 books. How much can they be sold for after the fact??? I’m guessing you will end up with a few skins like Harley, armored batman, maybe catwoman, who knows. Plus a few items. Can’t imagine a bundle like that would sell (worst case scenario) for less than $30-$50. If demand is higher, who knows, $70 a bundle?? Wish I knew other info, like will the expiration date on the comic coupons exceed the option to buy in game?? Because if there is a point where you can no longer get the skins in the game, and the only place to get the skins is by buying the codes from you and me, that would be a huge bonus. That’s about all I have on the subject. Would love to know other people’s insight.

    Last bit of info, from your op, the merry minty pick axe, there are a lot in the sold section on ebay. Some just are labeled differently. But if you look at the sold, you will see them. Mint colored pick axe, with the image of a snowflake in the middle. Still, the axe average $30-40 a code. That’s the average.

    1. Crazy right? And the merry mont pick axe codes are expired. We picked them up in October or November 2019 and they expired February 2020. So there was a window. I would imagine 60 days after the last issue comes out or so. There is a small shelf life to them but perfectly feasible. I play Fortnite. I do. It have a merry mint but my oldest and youngest sons both do. They picked up the codes each target trip we took. They had it down. Would hit two different people and ask for a couple of extras to give to friends. They had stacks of the codes. I sold the codes for the kids and gave them all the money. Their first experience with flipping. Lol.

        1. The bundle Fortnite sold over Christmas was really mass produced and available all game stores. It was a Joker Skin a Poison Ivy skin some pick axe and a back fling. Sir something to that effect. It sold for $30

          1. Hmmmmm, thank you very much for the info. So, these won’t be mass produced in a comic. Max 200k, and that’s pushing it. Only real other option is people buying or have the dceu membership. Plus, this will be, I’m guessing, 3-4 skins, one being the armored batman, plus items. I think it’s a great flip. Issue 1 comes out April. 2 and 3 may. 4 and 5 June. 6 July. Not the quickest flip. But great potential

            1. I mean yeah they will be mass produced. But the fact is many gamers don’t step foot in a comic shop. Many may not even have a comic shop. I love the people who say they are going to sign up and cancel in order to get it free. I am not sure it’s going to work that way, but if it does I am signing up.

  2. I think there are people who will do that. If there is a free trial membership. But I also don’t think many are that organized. Odds are you will need a credit card for the free membership, a lot won’t want to do that either. Other than that, they won’t be mass produced in comic form. It’s not like the Xmas event where they can just go to target and get codes.
    That bonus armored batman will be hot. Another great feature is, selling codes means no packing, shipping and post office. Get paid, send code. The codes will expire. Biggest supply/demand scenario that would work in our favor would be, if the codes don’t expire for a week or month or whatever after you can’t get them from dceu. If there is a window where people can only get them from comic codes, that would be huge

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