Dirty D’s F.O.C. (11/12/23)

This week I’d like to start off by wishing everyone who has served, or is currently serving, within the US armed forces a happy Veterans Day. As well as to the families who love and support them. Thank you for your service and sacrifices; they are much appreciated.

This FOC week might be light for most…unless you’re a Transformers fan…or you like variant covers with Saint Nick hanging out with your favorite superheroes (too many of those to highlight herein this week). Anyway, let’s jump in.

Reprintings…More Than Meets The Eye

Just when you thought Void Rivals was done with the reprints, here comes a slew of them. All Transformers covers! I’m not going to show them all, but here are my favorites of the bunch.


This makes up for those who did not score the 1:25 Shockwave spoiler variant for issue #4.
I really like these white background reprints. But they are tough to get without “smudges” on the cover, I will say.

And if you missed out on the 1:50 spoiler of issue #5, or just couldn’t justify paying ratio or higher for it, the next 5 books are a sweet consolation, as they showcase the Judge Quintesson in all his glory, including his Five Faces of Darkness.








And why not have another printing of issue #1? And why do I feel like this won’t be the last printing of this issue…? Not the best of the various printings, but if the characters take off, this could be sought after later.



Hallows Eve the Big Night #1 (2nd Ptg)

I didn’t pick up the first printing, but I do like this “Eve dressed as Captain America” cover.



Looks like DC is going to faux all of Batman: Year One. I’ll be sitting this out, but I’m hopeful they’ll continue on to Year Two for some McFarlane cover goodness (Foil-ized would be even sweeter).


Just for the Cover


Amazing Spider-Man #40 (JSC Ski Chalet Variant)

It’s getting colder outside, and by this time next month many will be hitting the slopes. So Marvel is putting out some “Ski Chalet” covers across various titles. This one stands out from the rest for obvious reasons.



Looks like the entire Titans Beast World mini-series will have lenticular variants.


Star Wars Fix


“Who…or what is the Child of the Storm?” Phase III is off and running. And the early issues are the go-to for new characters. I like Cover A as it looks to feature a new character.



It’s another round of Star Wars: Revelations. This issue promises “new characters, new twists” and “puts the pieces on the board for what’s to come in a galaxy far, far away!” So sort of like Marvels Timeless series, but for Star Wars.

Small Publisher Pick-Of-The-Week


Borealis #1

Winter nights last months, temperatures can hit seventy below, alcohol is illegal . . . and something mysterious is emerging on the remote ice. Welcome to the isolated Qinu, Alaska and a world of bad memories for State Trooper Silaluk “Sil” Osha. After thirteen years away from Qinu, Sil is pulled back to investigate a series of brutal murders, only to face a dark past . . . and her frightening connection to deadly legends.

Not too many comics are set in Alaska, so this caught my eye. Not much is given, but what is sounds like an interesting read.


Dirty D’s Pick-Of-The-Week


Let me start with this not being a book that is spec worthy. But for those of us collecting comics in the late 80s have likely wondered “what could have been”.

We know it was a slim margin, and there was no limit on the number of times one could call in. So rumors swirled of a single caller who REALLY wanted Jason Todd to die and became part of the lore, although it was never proven to have merit. (I still say someone should check the phone records of @agentpoyo for the days of September 15th and 16th, 1988…)

And many have seen the alternate scene of a “Happy Batman” the moment he discovered Jason is alive and getting him off to the hospital. I’m assuming they keep the scene where Jason’s Mom still dies (although you don’t see Batman checking her pulse…hmmmm….).


Think about it…when Jason comes out of his coma, he immediately asks about his mom. Bruce has to break the news…and the cynical Jason starts in with…”How do you know she was dead? Did you check her pulse? Why did you leave her behind?!”

If Jason took the main brunt of the blast, she could have survived…I could see this story continuing with Batman giving up the cowl, and Jason due to survivor guilt and rage taking on the identity of the Red Hood…or he dies, and we can conclude his destiny was always a cannon event. Or maybe he becomes the new Batman and does business “his way,” drawing Bruce of retirement.

My point is, so many possibilities could branch off this one shot, so why stop there, DC? We’ll see…maybe the success of this book is DC testing the waters for something more later. Not much exciting coming from DC lately, so I would welcome it. If so, it starts here.


Parting Thoughts

I think I’ve went on enough of a tangent with that last book (time you’ll never get back unless you’re Loki), so best I end with that thought. Enjoy the weekend, everyone! Until next FOC!

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