Even More Captain America Winter Soldier Spec.

I am waiting until my birthday at the end of this month to go see the new Captain America movie. I have been staying away from as many spoilers as I can (it is not working). But one thing is clear, the movie has had a direct effect on the popularity on the comics it is tied to. Continue reading “Even More Captain America Winter Soldier Spec.”

Captain America #360: A comic heating up

It did not take long for the books that were directly related to this weekends release of Captain America: Winter Soldier to jump up in price, and that was before the release of the movie. But now that the movie is out, books continue to move up. Continue reading “Captain America #360: A comic heating up”

Winter Soldier Villain Spec

A lot of the books tied in with the new Captain America Winter Soldier movie have priced themselves out of most speculators price range. However Bleeding Cool ran an interesting story tonight.
Continue reading “Winter Soldier Villain Spec”

Captain America #6 First Winter Soldier: A Comic Heating Up

Thanks to my friends at the Comic Book Speculating and Investing community at Google+ for this tip.  Continue reading “Captain America #6 First Winter Soldier: A Comic Heating Up”

Superbowl Commercials and Comic Book Speculation

Well the game was not very exciting, especially when if you were a Denver fan. I am not a fan of either team so I didn’t care about the game. There was some great comic book movie commercials that could lead to speculation. Continue reading “Superbowl Commercials and Comic Book Speculation”