Mel’s Variant Pick of the Week

What’s up CHU? Been a busy week for me going over PDF preview comics of small press books for and watching the latest leaked episodes of upcoming comic related TV shows (more to come on that later.) I am back with another Mel V’s Variant Pick of the Week. Continue reading “Mel’s Variant Pick of the Week”

Comics picks of the week for deliver 6/13/14

Each week, hundreds of new comics come out, each with potential. Some live up to that potential. We pick the ones we think have the best chance of heating up. Continue reading “Comics picks of the week for deliver 6/13/14”

Larry's Comics Pick of the Week for delivery date 7/2/14

Where the hell would be the fun of picking Figment #2, Deadpool vs X-Force #1, or the Image title du jour?
Too Easy.
This week there are a TON of “Right under your nose picks”
Too boring. I’m Larry Doherty, a bold maverick. It’s my job to scour previews for stuff other retailers will miss; purchase accordingly. I look under every rock.
I’ll be more daring:
My speculator-y pick of the week:
(W)  Tim Daniel (A/CA) Mehdi Cheggour
In the midst of a planetary crisis for food and fuel, a vast ecological cataclysm has spawned “The Enormous,” massive beasts unlike anything ever encountered. Humanity struggles to stave off extinction. The original one-shot graphic novel returns in an ongoing series as the companion to the new live-action web series from Machinima!
Why? It HAS to have a microscopic print run. ( See how many shops have this on their shelves)
The artwork & production values are jaw dropping.
It’s the first NORMAL size appearance of the property. In 2013 Image released an oversized one shot. ( not a bad buy ) It’s my experience that collectors tend to shy away from odd size material.
This book WILL sellout at the distributor level.
This book will appeal to Giant Monster ( Godzilla fans)
Main reason for a spec play:
The book ties into a Web series that will surely bring some new faces to the direct market.