Fuel on the Fire: Tim Daniel Enormous Interview Part 2

I have had the pleasure of talking to Tim for a couple of months now in reference to getting the Comicsheatingup.net variants done, and he was instrumental in the design and art direction on the cover. He is also a pretty awesome guy. Kelly H. interviewed him for CHU back in July 2014 which you can find here. As soon as the news broke of the Enormous TV show, I fired up the lap top and contacted Tim for an interview. Here is our back and forth.
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Signed Enormous Prints coming to Comicsheatingup.net

I have been offering up the Comicsheatingup.net variants. They have been selling well. I will be receiving Tim Daniel signed prints featuring black and white versions of the covers to issues 7,8, and 9. Check them out below. Continue reading “Signed Enormous Prints coming to Comicsheatingup.net”

Enormous #6 Comicsheatingup.net Variants

We are extremely excited to present our first exclusive variant cover. So excited because we actually have two exclusive variant covers. So read on to see our exclusive variants for Enormous #6. Continue reading “Enormous #6 Comicsheatingup.net Variants”