‘Justice League of America’ #4 major character death

One thing that gets comic fans and speculators interested in a book is a characters death. Especially, a fan favorite and major characters death brings in the buyers. Well ‘Justice League of America’ #4 has the death of a major character in spades. This book should be picked up before it sells out at your local comic shop.

This book leads into this summers DC comics event ‘Forever Evil’ and features the death of a Batman favorite character. At this point, if you do not want to know who it is, stop reading, and stay off the Internet.

Unsure how it will play out, if she will be brought back to life, if it was someone else under the costume, or if someone new will now be under the costume, but Selena Kyle takes a bullet to the head at the end of the issue. The page shows red blood and it wasn’t done in the shadows, so there is no doubt she took it to the temple.