Mike Mignola Cover Revealed for New Sci-Fi Epic SEA OF STARS by Jason Aaron, Dennis Hallum and Stephen Green

This is a new series I’m looking forward to. Mike Mignola definitely has his fans out there as well.

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Picks of the Week for 5/22/13.

This week is another good week for comics. There are a lot of new books coming out and some tried and true favorites. Here is what I think will pop and what I am keeping my eye on:

1. Occupy Comics- The second book to be produced by Black Mask Studios. I do not get political and I know this is a political book, while I may or may not agree with the issues, the line-up on this book is amazing. Alan Moore and David Lloyd (the ‘V for Vendetta’ team working togerther again), Charlie Adlard (‘The Walking Dead’), Art Spiegelman (‘Maus’).

2. Bounce #1 – A new Image #1 written by ‘Sex’ writer Joe Casey. Sure ‘Sex’ has gotten mixed reviews, but this looks to be a more real world alternative to Spider-man.

3. Half Past Danger #1 – Pulp books have been hot (Black Beetle) and this combination of Ninjas, Dinosaurs, and chicks looks to be a fun read and good pick up. The fact it did not show up on the Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder list gives me hoe it was under-ordered.

Other books to pick up this week:

A book to pick up for name alone: I love Mike Mignola books, so the new Lobster Johnson book is on my pull list anyway. But if I was to get a book based on name alone it would be ‘Lobster Johnson: Satan Smells a Rat’.

Revival #10 – Great series from Image continues to be hot and a good engaging read.

Sex #3 – Mixed reviews but waiting for the story to unfold.

Minature Jesus #2 – Book #1 was intriging can’t wait to see how this story continues

Five Ghosts Haunting of Fabian Gray #3 – Great book and great art. The 2nd print covers and Phantom covers have become my favorite covers.

Nowhere Men #5 – Prices have cooled off a bit, but this is just a top notch book. Kind of a ‘What If?’ story for the Fantastic Four for modern times.

Sixth Gun #31 – Prices dropped off after the announcement of the show being cancled, but people still want the book and it is stil a fun read.