Nowhere Men #7 Sold out at Diamond.

The popular series, Nowhere Men, returns on 1/20/16, and with it, hopefully, a return to higher back issue prices. The fantastic series, written by Eric Stephenson and drawn by Nate Bellegarde, ended abruptly a few years back and had issues with lateness before that, finally returns.
The newest issue Nowhere Men #7 is sold out at Diamond Comic Distributors two weeks before the release of the issue. Continue reading “Nowhere Men #7 Sold out at Diamond.”

Picks of the Week for 5/22/13.

This week is another good week for comics. There are a lot of new books coming out and some tried and true favorites. Here is what I think will pop and what I am keeping my eye on:

1. Occupy Comics- The second book to be produced by Black Mask Studios. I do not get political and I know this is a political book, while I may or may not agree with the issues, the line-up on this book is amazing. Alan Moore and David Lloyd (the ‘V for Vendetta’ team working togerther again), Charlie Adlard (‘The Walking Dead’), Art Spiegelman (‘Maus’).

2. Bounce #1 – A new Image #1 written by ‘Sex’ writer Joe Casey. Sure ‘Sex’ has gotten mixed reviews, but this looks to be a more real world alternative to Spider-man.

3. Half Past Danger #1 – Pulp books have been hot (Black Beetle) and this combination of Ninjas, Dinosaurs, and chicks looks to be a fun read and good pick up. The fact it did not show up on the Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder list gives me hoe it was under-ordered.

Other books to pick up this week:

A book to pick up for name alone: I love Mike Mignola books, so the new Lobster Johnson book is on my pull list anyway. But if I was to get a book based on name alone it would be ‘Lobster Johnson: Satan Smells a Rat’.

Revival #10 – Great series from Image continues to be hot and a good engaging read.

Sex #3 – Mixed reviews but waiting for the story to unfold.

Minature Jesus #2 – Book #1 was intriging can’t wait to see how this story continues

Five Ghosts Haunting of Fabian Gray #3 – Great book and great art. The 2nd print covers and Phantom covers have become my favorite covers.

Nowhere Men #5 – Prices have cooled off a bit, but this is just a top notch book. Kind of a ‘What If?’ story for the Fantastic Four for modern times.

Sixth Gun #31 – Prices dropped off after the announcement of the show being cancled, but people still want the book and it is stil a fun read.

Buying books other than #1

I read a lot of forum posts, and have seen a trend. People talk about going into stores looking for certain books (Saga, Peter Panzerfaust, Sixth Gun) and not finding the earliest issues. They often state that they had some of the later issues but passed them up. I am not talking about key issues in a run, but just other books in the series worth selling.



We all know Saga 1 and 2 are commanding big bucks, but, Saga 3 and up are pulling in multiples of cover price and worth flipping as well.

Here are some examples of non-#1’s going for good prices

Saga #3 $9-15

Saga #4 $10-15

Saga #5 $14-18

Saga #6 $6-12

Sixth Gun #10 $10-15

Sixth Gun #11 $7-11

Sixth Gun #12 $7-12

Sixth Gun #13 $7-14

Nowhere Men #3 $8-10

Nowhere Men #4 $5-8


Just an idea. Do not pass up the chance to buy earlier issues (if you come across them) to sell on eBay. A lot of my sales come from these “other” issues in the run.