Spawn #299 – Advanced Sneak Peek Preview

Spawn is fast approaching it’s 300th issue so to start preparing you Spawn fans for what’s to come, here’s an advanced sneak peek of Spawn #299.

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Louie M's SDCC 2017 Wrap up

Yo CHU! Last week was SDCC, the Pop Culture Superbowl! Nearly every comics publisher under one roof. An epic list of artistic talent. Not to mention a slew of celebs and major movie studios. Until I figure out how to clone myself, here is merely one person’s perspective of the 200K in Downtown San Diego last week:
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Saga Action Figures and Other Skybound SDCC Exclusives Announced had the story and photo;s on some of SDCC’s sure to be most wanted exclusives. Check them out below.
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SDCC 2015 Exclusives on-line

Just got some pre-orders in for some upcoming books and noticed a couple of cool SDCC Exclusive Toys available online. The Jim Lee Blueline Batman Figure and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mirage Black & White Minimates Set
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Skybound announces SDCC Exclusive

Skybound updated their website with their SDCC Convention Exclusives. Pretty sweet offerings. There are a ton of toys, jewelry, watches, and accessories. And Comics, cool cool comics. Check them out. Continue reading “Skybound announces SDCC Exclusive”

SDCC Marvel Legends Exclusive box set

Tyson B. writes about toys and action figures for Comics Heating Up and his own site Toy Box One.
School is out, so I was playing with kids this weekend so I am a little late. USA Today released the latest exclusive from Hasbro for this years SDCC this past Thursday.
Eagerly awaiting Benedict Cumberbatch as Marvel’s on-screen Sorcerer Supreme? Then by the hoary hosts of Hoggoth, it’s time to start prepping with some Doctor Strange action figures.
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Black Science #7 SDCC Variant back in stock for cover price

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Aliens Isolation: One to watch

Thanks to Mark R. for this one.
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Low #1 SDCC variant

Money to be made (whether you think it is good or bad) can be made off the variants coming out of SDCC. Rick Remender’s Low, is highly anticipated this week, and the first full appearance was released in SDCC as the Convention Exclusive Variant. Continue reading “Low #1 SDCC variant”

Dr Who SDCC Variant flip idea

Last one for the night I promise. Two more flipable pre-orderable books coming out of San Diego Comic Con. These are for Dr. Who books from IDW. This show has a huge fan base and could be easy sells. Continue reading “Dr Who SDCC Variant flip idea”