Ludocrats #1 – Sneak Peek Preview

It’s the week of previews apparently. Lots of new books coming out and unless you people don’t like previews, well, we’ll keep them coming for you’re viewing pleasure.

I think previews are great, it helps someone determine if they’re going to be interested or not in the book, story and art. So here’s a sneak peek preview of Gillen’s new Ludocrats, which some might not get into but I found it pretty entertaining.

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Flashback Friday Saturday – One Year Later

One year ago, we spec’d on new books hitting the shelves on May 2nd, 2018. Now it’s time to see how those specs and picks are doing now.

Also it’s not much of a Flashback Friday since I’m just now finishing this up. So sorry about that.

Happy FCBD as well, so May the 4th be with you while standing in the crowded lines for your free books. TFAW has free shipping today as well on orders $25 or more if you don’t find what you’re looking for at your local shops.

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