From Comics to Options to our Screens – A Quick Recap of What's Likely To Come

We all know that the majority of media options result into absolutely nothing on the first go round. Think of them as place holders for production companies. They want to grab the latest and greatest in hopes it blows up with popularity. If they see a market for creating a show or movie with the option, the long process of finding a screen writer to kick things off begin and then from there it evolves into something more. Even if it makes it past the script being written, it can still vanish like a fart in the wind.
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First 8 Minutes of MTV’s Scream TV remake

(Ok not comic related.)

You guys know I love horror, when Scream came out I was all over it. When I heard that the Scream Series was being re-imagined for TV by MTV, I had my doubts. Then I saw the first 8 minute preview that was released. Now I think I am in. I am totally looking for new shows, and horror shows that my wife can watch too appeals to me (she hates horror but digs The Walking Dead, Strain, and American Horror Stories.) The show premiered at 8 PM East Coast and will reair at 10 PM and then again at 11:07 PM eastern time. Check out the first 8 minutes after the jump:
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