Highest Prices for DC’s 54 3d Variants

Bleeding cool ran an interesting article not long ago showing the highest recorded prices for the 54 3d covers released (or to be released in some cases). 


Superman Unchained #1 – $400

 Week One

Forever Evil #1 – $280

Darkseid for $31

Poison Ivy for $27

Ventriloquist for $26.50

Joker for $25

Count Vertigo at $20

Creeper at $20

Deadshot at $16.50

Two-Face at $15

Relic at $14

Bizarro at $13.50

Grodd at $13

Desaad at $13

Cyborg Superman at $10

Week Two

Harley Quinn at $36

Mr Freeze at $31

Lobo at $31

Riddler at $20.50

Reverse Flash at $20

Court Of Owls at $18

Killer Frost at $17.50

Solomon Grundy at $13

Trigon at $13

Black Manta for $12

Mongul at $12

Brainiac at $10.50

Zod at $10

Week Three

Clayface at $20

Dial E at $20

Eclipso at $20

Deathstroke at $25

The Rogues at $15

Cheetah at $14

Penguin at $13

Ra’s Al Ghul at $13

Arcane at $13

Black Hand at $12

Scarecrow at $12

Shadow Thief at $12

Lex Luthor at $11

H’el at $7

Week Four

Joker’s Daughter at $35

Doomsday at $20

Black Adam at $20

Killer Croc at $13

First Born at $13

Man-Bat at $13

Bane at $12

Sinestro at $12

Secret Society at $12

Ocean Master at $12

Parasite at $11

18 thoughts on “Highest Prices for DC’s 54 3d Variants”

  1. dont get *too* excited…Rich always touts the highest prices in these posts without noting all of the unsold/ low price copies.

    1. That is a really high price. $61 so far. Me and the just sit back and laugh at the craziness of the 3D Prints. Make that paper my People.

  2. Absolutely agreed Comic Flipper. I hope the savvy people here don’t succumb to sensationalism… $130 bucks for Joker’s Daughter? Some people…crazy.

    Don’t know how many I can get, if I’m able to get 2-3 I’ll be happy. Just by luck got myself a VF+ Batman Family #6 for….6 bucks. Ya deal of the year for me.

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