Death of Archie announced

Archie Comics released a whopper of a story today. Archie Comic’s titular character, Archie Andrews will be dying.
Kind of. Archie will be dying in a heroic fashion in “Life with Archie” #37. The Archie in “Life with Archie” is a future alternate world character where he is split in one “reality” married to Betty and another “reality” married to Veronica.
Newsarama has a list of variant covers that will be released for issues #36 and #37. The artists include Adam Hughes, Fiona Staples, Francesco Francavilla, Mike Allred, Ramon Perez, Alex Ross, Cliff Chiang, Jill Thompson, Tommy Lee Edwards, Walt Simonson, Jeff Shultz, and Pat and Tim Kennedy.
The full cover gallery can be seen here.
Archie, to my knowledge, has never died before, not even in the Afterlife series. This one might be worth keeping on the radar as Archie Comics seems to be trying to modernize and trying new things.

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