Detective Comics #30, hinting at a new female Robin?

Newsarama ran this story earlier, that there may be a new female Robin coming. And no! it is not Harper Row.

The Character introduced in question that speculation says could be Robin is Annie Aguila.
Her first appearance would be in Detective Comics #30. In the issue Bruce Wayne is talking business with Elena Aguila. While they are talking Elena’s daughter Annie is zipping around on a motorcycle doing stunts.
DC Comics’ own web-site further helps the theory by pushing the scene from the comic.
So what do you think, potential for a new Robin in Detective #30? Seems like they put a lot of effort into establishing the characters abilities in the one panel, so was it all for nothing?

5 thoughts on “Detective Comics #30, hinting at a new female Robin?”

  1. I wasn’t too crazy about the new artwork. As I don’t dislike the art, it was a major change from the previous art.
    Hopefully they just introduce the new character as their own, stop recycling Robin.

      1. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I like Batman with a sidekick as well, I guess I want someone who might be a potential to hopefully not take the name “Robin”.. make them a little more original with their own name… etc.

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