Rick Remender New book preview in Nailbiter #2

It was mentioned in Larry’s Comics Pick of the Week that Nailbiter #2 Had run a preview of Rick Remender’s new upcoming book entitled Low. In fact it does, it runs a 6 page preview.
But that is not the only one that runs a preview for this awesome looking new book by Remender (Black Science, Deadly Class).
One of my favorite book, Joe Harris’ Great Pacific 15 also ran the six page preview. Great Pacific 15 out 6/4/14, had the preview, and will have a much smaller print run than a href=”http://www.mycomicshop.com/search?q=nailbiter+%232&pubid=&PubRng=&AffID=1003187P01″>Nailbiter #2.
Since both books are released on the same day, and both carry the six page preview, both would be sought after for the first appearance of the hot upcoming book. Everything Remender has touched lately has been a hit. But since one of them has a much smaller print run, Great Pacific 15 would be the one to grab.
There has been much debate over this kind of thing being good for comic collecting and I stay out of the debate, what I do is show books that have potential to heat up in price and let the end user decide.

5 thoughts on “Rick Remender New book preview in Nailbiter #2”

  1. i for one don’t like these “previews” and “cameo” appearances counting as first appearances. i think first full appearance should be the acceptable norm for collecting. that is just my opinion but for flipping you have to go with the flow.

    1. ” i think first full appearance should be the acceptable norm for collecting ” You state right in your own words, first full appearance. There is def a difference between first appearance and first full appearance. As a collector I want every appearance I can find by a character I love, if they happen to appear in a splash ad or a 3 page black and white preview I want it, especially if it is the first time that property sees print.

      1. i get what you are saying topher. i just think the cameo and preview appearance cloud “first appearance” of a character. like wolverine for instance, for years it was 181 was the first appearance and now people say its 180. another is the infinity gauntlet, is it silver surfer 44 or infinity gauntlet 1 the first appearance? its just frustrating sometimes as a collector i have to ask myself “do i have the first appearance of a character or not?” thanks for the feedback topher

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