Larry's Comics Pick of the week for 6/11/14

Larry from always has an interesting view on speculating and makes some great picks each week. He has been at it for a long while and used to write the Larry’s Comics Market report, which was an awesome tool for speculators. Here is his pick for 6/11/14:
FIGMENT #1 Of(5)
(W) Jim Zub (A) Filipe Andrade (CA) John Tyler Christopher
• Dive into a steampunk fantasy story exploring the never-before-revealed origin of the inventor known as Dreamfinder, and how one little spark of inspiration created a dragon called Figment.
• What is the Academy Scientifica-Lucidus? Who is Blarion Mercurial? What is the Integrated Mesmonic Spark Convertor? Find out as we give a Marvel spin to Epcot’s mind-bending attraction, Journey Into Imagination!
• Brought to you by the acclaimed and uniquely talented team of Jim Zub (Skullkickers) and Filipe Andrade (CAPTAIN MARVEL)!
I love it when an existing fan base much larger than our own has a reason to visit the comic market.
Disney collectors will devour this print run.

21 thoughts on “Larry's Comics Pick of the week for 6/11/14”

  1. I picked a copy up myself. Local shops seem to only have a handful available, so I’m expecting low print runs initially myself for this one.

  2. Didn’t Disney try this already a couple months ago with Seekers of The Weird #1? Didn’t heat up at all. Not saying this won’t, but I’m apprehensive.

    1. *shrug*
      I guess you’re smart & I’m a moron.
      my 150 copy purchase seems safe. The variants are cray cray.
      It appears to be off to a solid start:
      Figment is an icon in the theme parks.
      Seekers of the Weird…? New material.
      Not saying it’s Walking Dead. It’s a Disney property. It will be sought after for generations.
      It’s like video game books. Great to buy. They might not *pop* right away, but the will always will.
      I got laughed off the CGC boards years ago picking Ratchett & Clank.
      vilified because it doesn’t show instant appreciation.
      It was a slow growth.
      Sets sell great $40-$60
      Remember: The NEW comic market happens every week
      It doesn’t stop.
      If you have to make a pick, you have to make a pick.

      1. Yeah, these might not turn quick huge profits right away but people got to remember, Disney has followers like Apple (don’t get me started on the apple fan boys who buy apple when they don’t really need to buy apple) has followers. People will collect and buy anything Disney put out now and years to come. As long as Disney is around, they’ll have a fan base that follows and buys their stuff.

      2. Just tell me you at least use their products..
        A collection of Apple and Mac is one thing, I’m talking about the fan boys who would go out and would buy a turd if Apple was selling it as an iTurd. you don’t come off as one of those guys, at least I hope not.. 😉

        1. No, I actually use most of them. I do a lot of my work directly from my iPad Air or iPad mini. I use my iPhone during the day to answer comments and emails. I do not just buy anything that they make, but do like the functionality and portability of many of their products. My son even uses my old iPod touch and first gen iPad (he is four) for playing games.

          1. Oh, yeah, you’re not nearly a fan boy then. I’m literally talking about those guys who would buy a turd from Apple if Apple sold them.. yes, they do exist, I’ve worked with a few, they’re not entirely right in the head! 😛

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