Ragnarok #1. A comic heating up?

Still trying to figure out if this is an anomaly but it was already mentioned in the comment section so I wanted to bring it to light. Ragnarok #1, which sold out through IDW has been seeing some heat
A set of the regular and the subscription variant closed for $57.
Ragnarok #1 Variant Set $57
They same seller had another set close for close to $19.
Ragnarok #1 Variant Set $18.50
Like I said, the $57 dollar set could be an anomaly, but the second set shows that it is worth checking out Ragnarok #1

15 thoughts on “Ragnarok #1. A comic heating up?”

  1. I noticed that too. Very odd. There still are plenty of cheap copies out there, no idea why those others sold so high. Maybe some think their more valuable “sketch” covers?

    1. Ha! I just replied to you over at g+. I have been away most of the weekend so didn’t get to put this up. Finally put it up, pop over to g+ and there you were talking about it. The seller is a regular here. Not going to call him out but he is here.

  2. lol. I didn’t realize you were that tony. lol, because I’ve only seen your name here in the comments as anthony. I’m not sold this is a winner yet, but definitely watching. My lcbs had a stack of these yesterday…like 20-30.

  3. I was a good boy and didn’t pick this one up since I’m trying to minimize my weekly pickups at a lower number. I did browse through this one, nothing really sparked as a must want or read. Also, my selling has cooled off some, just too busy at work and other projects.

    1. Trust me I know about trying to buy less. I said I wasn’t going to get my weeklies until is got my past due reading stack down. It did not work and I have bought two weeks in a row. I haven’t been listing as much also. Just not enough time in the day. I did flip some Alpha Flight 17’s for $30 each that I got for cover.
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      1. I’m telling you man, I’m gonna start Comics Anonymous.. where Comic Buying Addiction Enthusiasts can meet up to talk about their comic buying problems.. 😉

  4. i picked up 2 copies ..i didnt like the book to be honest ..but if it moves it moves ..off topic..will you (Anthony)be creating a forum for this blog,cause some times i may want to ask a off topic question but i dont want to ruin the flow of the current topics

      1. LIke I was wondering, I bought a lot of 1980’s daredevils off ebay. When I got them, the death of electra issue seemed a couple millimeters smaller. Didn’t seemed trimed. Is there a variation in some of the 80 comic size? Maybe a quality control issue?

        1. I have not heard of it. Could be a straight up printer defect or could have been trimmed. Problem is it is hard to tell just by eyeballing it. A good trimmer would still leave traceable evidence under a magnifying glass. Check for edges under magnification and you probably will have your answer.

  5. I heard the same in g+ that the cover was the best thing about the book, I actually told my readers to not pick it up. I personally don’t see why this book would heat up. Jeff, I also saw a stack of these at my LCS here in the North. Maybe time to pick up one copy (or two).

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