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The next two Avengers movies following Age of Ultron will be Infinity War. Let’s look at the spec on this one:

Infinity War is the classic story line from 1992 where Thanos gathers all the Infinity gems and sets out on wiping out all existence. Copies of each issue of Infinity War are still cheap on eBay but getting pricier. Copies were selling for around $3 on eBay around 4 pm today but the cheapest copies have dried up. Auctions for full sets are pushing close to $30 now.
While the title of the movies are Infinity War and will most certainly follow the story, one should also look at Infinity Guantlet for source material, as this is where Thanos gets all the Gems together.
Also expect prices for Iron Man #55 to continue to push up. Kudos to those who got in early on these.
Also, thanks to Mel the Movie Guy for price watching.

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  1. Thanos Quest 1 & 2 and Silver Surfer 44 are often overlooked books to get for the Infinity Gauntlet storyline

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