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I have covered this one several times but will expand upon it some. Captain Marvel is getting her own movie. That’s right, her. Carol Danvers is getting her own movie. While no actress has been attached yet, she will be coming to the big screen starting in Avengers Ultron and will spin off in her own film.
Here is some spec on this one:
Her first appearance was in Marvel Superheroes #13. This was as Carol Danvers.
Her origin was given in Marvel Superheroes #18.
And of course her first solo book was Ms Marvel #1 1977
Carol Danvers first takes the name Captain Marvel and appears in her new suit in Avenging Spider-Man #9. These are flying off the virtual shelf on eBay. There is also a black and white 2nd print variant which is selling well too.
Also, one might want to look at Carol Danvers’ first solo series as Captain Marvel in Captain Marvel #1 (2012) There are several variants to this and all of them are fairly cheap, but copies are drying up.

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