Thor Ragnarok Spec

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We are skipping Guardians 2 because that should be just about the same as the first movie, until we get more info on the movie. Expect it to be about Thanos though. Would love to see a cancerverse story though.
I digress, this is about Thor: Ragnarok.
This could really go one of two ways. One most likely more plausible than the other.
Let’s look at the less likely one first. Ragnarok is the name of a character spinning out of Civil War #3 in which Thor is missing and Tony Stark clones Thor’s DNA and makes a Cyborg. Very unlikely this is the way they are going, but the movie does follow Civil War as did the book.
Most likely, we are looking at Ragnarok in the more classical sense. Ragnarok is the Norse end of the world. The story line runs though Thor #80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85. Not many of these on eBay at the moment. I would imagine they were all just snatched up today. You can find them on Mycomicshop but do not expect them to last.

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