October 2014 Print run Estimates in

I love when Comichron updates their website with the print runs. Usually the top 10 are no surprise, Walking Dead, Batman, some event books. But it’s the bottom of the list I always go to. Here are the print runs for the spec books we have been talking about.
At the bottom of the list for print runs:
Face Value #1 (does not specify but this is the 2nd printing) 2,918 copies
Enormous #4 3,906 copies. Print run keeps going up which means readers are getting them.
Godkiller Walk Among Us #1 6,225 copies. Split among several variants, and with the animated show deal, this could continue to go up in value.
Cutter #1 6,732 copies. Cool horror series. Probably the coolest recent horror mini series most people missed on.
Memetic #1 7,010 copies.
Rasputin #1 21,373 copies. New Image Riley Rossmo series. Lower side for a new Image book.
Birthright #1 27,234. A little on the high side for me but I do love Joshua Williamson books
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 49,046 copies. The first holy cow book on the list. I loved this book and was surprised a the number of copies sold.
Wytches #1 67,996 copies. Helped along by several variants and the big announcement that a movie had been optioned. Of course the movie news didn’t hit until after the book was released.
And finally the difference a Loot Crate Variant makes:
Walking Dead #133 69,651 copies Vs. Walking Dead #132 326,334 copies (250,000 Loot Crate variants.) This means the regular cover is 4x more rare than the Loot Crate variant.

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  1. there was two copies of godkiller at local comic shop the last time i was there
    the ben templesmith cover and that manga looking cover with female
    i will buy both if they are still there on friday
    the print run on them must be low as there was a few variants
    might be a good investment $$$

  2. I’m so confused… Which Godkillers variant has only 25 prints? On ebay a couple covers are claiming only a print run of 25. Both the Tattoo one and the one with the chick in the shirt are claiming to only have 25 printed. If ones wrong, then the seller should be alerted.

    1. The tattoo cover is 25 copies, I bought 2 of them from ebay. I know its legit because people selling the tattoo ones are beach ball comics/ corner store comics/ Austin comics which are a set of sister shops in different parts of the U.S. I normally check cornerstorecomics.com and their ebay page when I see variants they carry since sometimes they will be cheaper on ebay and other times cheaper on their actual site. Cornerstorecomics.com also had the tattoo one on their website but no longer have it listed. If all else fails this should help.http://www.bleedingcool.com/2014/10/27/black-mask-unleashes-10-covers-for-godkiller-this-week-ben-templesmith-tim-seeley-riley-rossmo-and-more/
      I have:
      2x A
      1x B
      1x C
      2x D
      2x G
      2x H

      1. The cover where she is stitching up her chest is a run of 200 copies. Corner Store Comics has an eBay account where they are selling copies of the book for the same price as their online store, and they state it was limited to 200:
        Still sounds like a small quantity, and IMO this one looks the coolest, so I’ll be buying a couple.

  3. Wow – I’m really surprised about the Loot Crate – I thought it would be rare – next time I’ll just wait and buy it off eBay after the fact…

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