Return of the Joker to Scott Snyder's Batman, already happened

The cover of the return of the Joker has been bouncing around on the cover to Batman #37. But it looks like he has been here the whole time.
Spoilers ahead so be forewarned……
Turns out, using a combination of make up and muscle relaxers, Joker has been around in disguise as Eric Border. Great easter egg if you think about it. Eric Border is a character that has been popping up in the Batman book. he first appeared in Batman Annual #2. A cheap pick up already. Eric had an interesting appearance in Batman: Jokers Daughter #1 where he verbally attacks Joker’s Daughter, telling her how disgusted Joker would be with her. Eric’s plan comes to light in last weeks Batman #36. And the big reveal will be in next months Batman #37 featuring the cover above and a story entitled “End Game.”
Something to think about, with the return of Joker being a big deal, and the fact he has been there all along, these books which have been selling cheap could become sought after. Especially in Eric’s first appearance in a Batman Annual #2

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