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I love Kickstarters. Many great comics come out of the crowd source funding site. I have come across one that really interests me and wanted to give it more attention. Terra Kaiju by Joe Badon is looking for funding. The nice thing about this one is the low entry point for the physical copy. For just $7 You get a copy of the book, with your name in the thank you section in the back. Not a bad deal. This one is a big draw for me as I am a huge Godzilla fan. (Will have to show the giant Godzilla attacking Baltimore painting hanging proudly in my family room)
From Joe Badon:

Terra Kaiju is a 25 page, saddle stitched, landscape format, One-Shot Comic Book inspired by my life long love for Godzilla movies. It’s also heavily inspired by films such as Tsu Hong Wu, GMK, and the 1966 film Daimajin, which is a kaiju film set in feudal Japan.
Terra Kaiju is set in feudal Japan as well. An endless, embittered battle between two neighboring villages ravages Japan’s countryside. The battle will be decided by pitting the village gods against one another.
At the heart of the story is our hero, Kohitsuji. He is young samurai who must sacrifice his life to his village’s sleeping god, Terra Ramu. Kohitsuji’s soul is then infused into Terra Ramu, thus awakening him for battle.
Terra Ramu, a 100 foot terra cotta samurai god must then defend his village from Hebragon, an ancient flying serpent demon god.

Here are the first few pages of the Terra Kaiju:
You can visit Joe Badon’s Kickstarter here to back the project.
Joe has successfully funded two previous Kickstarter books:

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